Targeting Your Customers’ Specific Needs

Leading eCommerce websites have one aspect in common: customers that come back to them repeatedly. Fundamental to creating a successful eCommerce website is to develop an online marketing strategy that encourages a customer to return to your site to make future purchases. There are ways to market and promote your business to encourage this result. Active Web Group’s web developers are adept at implementing website enhancements to offer greater incentive and functionality to consumers to become customers.

The continued success of any online business weighs heavily on building, maintaining and expanding a large and loyal customer base. Marketing to this existing customer base becomes the responsibility of the eCommerce strategists who review captured data to evaluate what customers have purchased previously. Shopping habit data provides insight to enable directed site updates and revisions and increases knowledge of their customers’ spending habits.

Expand Your eCommerce Strategies Now

Targeting the Customer’s Needs with eCommerce Strategies That Work

Some of the most successful eCommerce websites have reached their levels of success by prompting return customers into buying new products based on that particular customer’s interests and personal shopping habits. eCommerce strategies vary. To begin we consider basic site adjustments in line with the majority of your customers’ purchases. For example, incorporating a featured products section, special deals on popular products or bundles, and a product suggestion feature will likely lead to increased sales.

eCommerce Strategies That Work: Easy Shopping

Another key to a successful online marketing strategy for eCommerce is to create a website that makes it especially easy for customers to shop for what they want. This includes organized, easy-to-use menus and browsing functions, and a shopping cart that is as straightforward as possible. If a customer needs to navigate through too many pages simply to reach the product section they’re seeking, or is forced to review several pages before completing a purchase, they may become frustrated and leave your site, thus narrowing the opportunity for them to return.

eCommerce Strategies That Work: Suggestive Choice

Product reviews, displaying bestseller lists, presenting color, style and size options, and also suggesting similar products that are often purchased together are strategies that increase sales and upsells. Another strategy, remarketing, incorporates all of these techniques in addition to sending emails about future purchases and discount offers. This service, if done properly, will also serve to increase customer loyalty and lead to a higher conversion rate for your website.

The above methods rely upon capturing as much information about your customer base as possible, then tailoring offers to customers to encourage repeat business. Building consumer loyalty is but one of many strategies Active Web Group’s digital professionals employ to increase your online business’ success. For more information on eCommerce Solutions, call us at 1-800-978-3417 or Contact Active Web Group and let us guide you!

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