Dynamic Remarketing

Most of us who have spent any time perusing the internet have clicked off a site or product page only to have a marketing banner displayed at the next site destination of the EXACT product and from the same site that we were just on. Initially, this seemed like marketing vooDoo but it is, in fact, a sophisticated marketing strategy that can have a significant impact on online branding and revenue. This type of dynamic remarketing allows for potentially lost sales to be realized and keeps retailers top of mind for online shoppers.

At its core, Google remarketing is behavioral marketing. They are gathering information about site visitors and then, after passing through a marketing model filter, present a visual to elicit an action. The strategy of Google retargeting reinforces an online brands’ message or product after they have already shown an interest to some level in a particular product or service. This can result in significant visitor conversion – as high as 70% higher on remarketing ads. Simply, it uses previous behavior to influence future action. Repetitive marketing has long been a cornerstone of effective marketing and Google remarketing applies this principle to web properties. By understanding key data points of Life Time Value, product profit margins, and combining that with recent online behavior, allows online businesses to effectively get a second chance on a conversion within profitable budgeting constraints.

The dynamic remarketing specialists at Active Web Group can assist in implementing a successful Google retargeting strategy to boost ROI and top-line revenues. You are invited to contact us at (800) 978-3417 for a complimentary Google remarketing assessment to understand how our vast expertise in this digital marketing channel can help improve brand awareness and make current marketing spend even more effective.