Back in high school when we waded through Brave New World and 1984 did we ever think our lives would be offered instant worldwide access via the Internet? And once it was made available we certainly became comfortable quickly with shopping and conversing online anywhere and at anytime. The only limitation had been the location of one’s desktop or laptop. ‘Not no more!

With WiFi, laptops were no longer building-bound. Their size became an issue and smart phones, tablets and other devices filled the portability void. Now a growing concern is making information as accessible as possible for users of these devices. Specifically there is the need to show content in many contexts. And each context must be optimized to these different environments.

Anticipating this trend, last year the relatively new major search engine, Bing, proposed the “one URL per content item” strategy. That is, for each website, instead of having different URLs per platform (desktop/mobile/tablet/smart phone) one URL would suffice. Here are some of the SEO benefits:

  • Few realize this but when a site is being crawled by the search engines for ranking purposes, that activity consumes bandwidth. Having fewer URLs to crawl lessens impact on site users when the site is being indexed by search engines.
  • The URL will attract more ranking signals. As most users do not link to mobile sites, the in-bound linking strategy will not ‘work’ here.
  • Enables easier mobile site building and maintenance.

In a future posting we’ll cover the specialized approaches that are providing relevant content for users and are known to be favored by current search engine algorithms.

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