Mobile AppsWe get this question all the time: “Does my business require a mobile app?” Well yes, and no. It depends on a number of factors. In this blog, we’ll explore the best reasons for having a mobile app and one good reason not to. 

Let’s first make sure we are on the same page. Apps are applications, software specifically designed for use on mobile devices without standard keyboards. The goal is to provide users with a satisfying experience that mimics the full desktop site version and enables users to browse, select, and pay for items or services using a minimum of keystrokes. Apps are widely used on cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers.

Two of the best reasons for developing a mobile app for your business are to enhance and further communication with your customers and inspire and influence their loyalty. Think about it. Their mobile phone and your app are with your customer all the time. That app offers new and frequent marketing opportunities so that your business can reach out directly to app-holders who have demonstrated their loyalty to your brand by downloading your app to their mobile device. Customer convenience is another way to inspire loyalty by enabling one and two-click merchandise reorders and even bookings.

Mobile Payments Are Fast and Secure

Another reason where an app has gained traction is via mobile payments. How many times a week are you at a drive up inching your way to the service window and appreciate that the person ahead of you has offered their cell phone to be scanned for payment? Apps offer convenience and convenience earns customer loyalty.

Apps tie into social media with ease, also this sector is favored by Millennials. If your business caters to or wishes to cultivate more customers from this demographic, an app will likely facilitate in achieving this goal.

Well, so much for the prime reasons to develop an app for your business. Now here is the major reason not to: almost 30% of small business owners develop an app for the sole purpose of attracting new customers. If that is your primary reason, talk to me. Mobile apps are not conducive to the sales funnel, however, therefore this option is not the best way to attract new customers. Our team has a long history of successfully guiding online businesses to achieve their goals and can offer proven suggestions to increase your bottom line. 

The biggest stumbling block for businesses that develop an app is the cost to market it. Think about it. App stores are no place to discover an app. Take Apple Store, for example. There are millions of available apps and thousands more appear daily. Most people who enter the site have a clear idea which app they are looking for. So be prepared to market your app to achieve your goals. Still not convinced if an app is or isn’t a good choice for your business? Give me a call at (800) 978-3417 and together we’ll explore all your options. Active Web Group is a full-service digital agency and our team can apply customized and proven online marketing strategies to assist your business to achieve its online goals. Let’s get started!