Many website owners are reporting negative effects to their rankings due to Google’s Mobile-First Index.

Google WarningMaybe you were too distracted running your business  to notice when Google first made their ‘Mobile First’ announcement a few years ago. The major search engine gave plenty of warning that hereafter site rankings would be based on their responsiveness to the needs of the ever-growing mobile population. What this entailed was a need to examine site content and ensure that it provided a quality experience for mobile users. Many online business owners took advantage of Google’s advance notice and directed their digital marketing agencies to reposition their sites. Others took a ‘shot in the dark’ approach and merely tweaked their site content hoping that this gesture was sufficient.

The fact is, it isn’t. And such websites are likely losing conversions and revenue as a result. For example, when Google rolled out ‘Mobile First’ sites were evaluated and grouped as to their mobile user experience. Do you know in which group your site resides? Also, Google views and interprets site aspects differently. As one might expect, desktop-only websites are experiencing the brunt of this rollout. But what about the ramifications for responsive sites? Or sites with Canonical AMP? Can Google’s mandate impact individual URLs? How does dynamic serving play a role? And lastly, how does Google now view AMP and non-AMP sites? Online business owners are not expected to understand and interpret the full effect of the major search engine’s constant rollouts and upgrades. That’s our job. 

Learn Your Site’s Standing and What to Do About It

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