Voice Search TrendWe have mobile users to thank for the growing voice search trend. Voice assistants are standard features on smartphones, tablets, and, of course, smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The question is, what can online business owners do to get in on this trend that is quickly becoming a fixture in most of our daily lives? The ability for sites to be accessed quickly and efficiently by as many users as possible is a primary means of remaining competitive. Remember when it became a requisite for a website to be responsive? Those who were proactive moved ahead of the pack, while other business owners who were reactive, soon had a good deal of catching up to do.

Today, across every age group and demographic, voice search metrics are trending upward. The primary searches are food-oriented such as to locate a local business, to make a reservation, or to place an order. In a recent survey, almost 75% of those polled stated they use voice search at least once weekly. General voice search queries range from finding a business’ location, checking if a product is carried, and even making a purchase. After making a voice search, almost 30% of consumers will call the business, another approximately 30% will visit that business’ website, and about 20% will visit the business if it is a brick and mortar.

We hope we have your attention. Especially if you are in one of the most contacted industries, such as restaurants, groceries, food delivery services, apparel stores, and/or in the hospitality industry. What can you do now to garner your fair share of this revenue stream? Partner with a reliable digital agency to optimize your site for voice search by doing the following:

  • Claim Local Business Options: for your business to be found, you have to be seen. Everyone knows about Google My Business, but today there are many other local search directories. Do you know which are best for your business? Also that your listing is updated and that all information corresponds to the information on your site. Your digital agency will know just how to optimize your site to attract more click-throughs and relevant site traffic.

  • Use Long Tail Keywords: Voice search differs from online searches because people speak in phrases, not individual words. For example: “Alexa: Where is the closest hospital?” not “Hospital”. Long tails can be incorporated into your site content to ensure the maximum response and effectiveness. There are very creative ways to do this that will garner the greatest return for your investment.

  • Make Sure Your Site is Optimized for Mobile Users: Everyone knows that the majority of internet users are mobile. Therefore your site must load quickly on any mobile device or your business will be passed over in search of one that yields faster results.

Is your Google My Business listing accurate and up to date? Do you know the best local directories for your business? Not sure if your site is mobile-ready? If not your business is likely losing customers and revenue. Call me to schedule a confidential conversation about the current state of your website as it relates to voice search prospects.

Active Web Group’s digital marketing professionals can quickly assess your site. They can make solid and proven recommendations for your business to become more profitable through increased voice search initiatives. I look forward to discussing your business’ future at (800) 978-3417.