Voice SearchVoice search (VS)? Never heard of it? Not sure of its value? Try to remember that just a few years ago no one thought that mobile would be as big as it continues to be. As an adjunct to the ever-growing mobile users pool, the future potential for voice search is vast.

Just what is voice search and how can it benefit your business? If you have a smartphone or a voice assistant in your home or office, you have voice search. Whether or not you use it, that’s another matter. However as this technology, essentially Artificial Intelligence, improves more and more of us are becoming VS converts. Why? Voice search is faster than keyboarding and allows users to multi-task. It makes our lives easier whether you are using VS as a business tool, ordering take-out, or for directions when you’re driving. Five years ago just about no one had heard of Voice Search. Today, according to Google, 20% of all searches are voice and it is predicted that by 2020 30% of all web browsing will be done without a screen.

For online business owners to make the most of voice search, however, injecting Voice Search-sensitive keywords into existing content may not be very effective. Organizing your website structure to strike a balance between desktop and mobile users is another factor to achieve optimal success. The SEO professionals at Active Web Group know the ropes here, and can advise about the best way to make your site as VS-friendly as possible without sacrificing any gains from any other audience.

Brave New World of Voice Search

Consider how you felt when a new concept was first proposed. Did you want to get in on the first wave of a potentially lucrative concept? Or did you prefer to wait things out and see how your competitors would react? Either way, Voice Search is not going to disappear. As with any initiative that improves a user’s experience, is likely to increase the metrics that support your business goals as well: a better experience = more conversions = higher revenues.

If that sounds like a winning proposition to you, give me a call at your earliest convenience: (800) 978-3417. Let’s go over your online enterprise’s objectives together. This way we can tailor a campaign aimed to achieve your goals sooner than later. If you want to wait things out, that is fine also. Whenever you are ready, I will be glad to assist you to create and roll out a winning strategy to compete for your fair market share. Ready or not, here comes Voice Search!