How do search engines find your website? Many business owners struggle with getting their websites listed on Google because they simply don’t understand how search engines work. In this post we’ll take a beginners look at how they work, how they find your website, and what you can do to attract their attention. We’ll also show you some basic tools that can be used to determine what Search Engines think about your website.

How Do Search Engines Find How search engines find your websiteYour Site?

Search engines have programs called crawlers or web spiders. In short these programs read the contents of web pages and feed it to other programs that try to understand and analyze all the elements on these pages. Pages are made up of different components; the template, navigation, content, links, and images are just some of them. Search engines consider the different elements of multiple pages and try to determine the template properties, the location of the navigation, and the differences between a link, an image, or content. While search engines do pay attention to template and navigation, it will never be as important as the actual content.

How Do I Attract Search Engines to My Website?

One of the first challenges a business owner faces is how to attract search engines to their site. When search engine spiders crawl the web, they are always on the lookout for new links to websites or webpages they have never seen before. When they come across a link they schedule it to be crawled. The more times they see a link, the more important they consider it to be. They also look at where a link is placed; links that are on important sites like government sites, news websites, or other trustworthy or authoritative websites are considered to be more important. Search engines are most likely to notice when a link frequently appears on an authoritative site and will crawl that page quickly. Important pages such as the home page of the New York Times is crawled several times per day, while pages like your local auto repair shop may only get crawled once every week or two.

How Do I Get More Links to My Website?

If links are the primary way search engines find and crawl your website, how do you get more links to your website? Link building is a long and hard task, but it’s an important one if you want to rank well in search engines. You may wish to consider the following:

Do something link worthy – Offer a new product or service that’s so great it will get people talking about you.

Create great content – add content to your website that’s helpful, insightful, fun or noteworthy, making people want to link to you.

Press and Self Promotion – Engage in any sort of advertising or press activity that gets your website linked, listed or mentioned.

The ideas above are basic concepts to start you thinking about link building. You should be aware Google has guidelines on link building you don’t want to violate or you will get yourself, and your website, in trouble.

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How Do I Know if Google is Visiting My Website?

There are a few tools you can use to tell how often search engines like Google are coming to your website, but one of the best is Google’s Webmaster Central Console. Once you set up an account and verify that you are authorized to view information about your website Google will tell you how often they visit your site, and how many pages they are crawling.


There’s a lot of information in the webmaster central, so it’s worth taking the time to sign up. If you see Google is indexing the same amount of pages or more from your website that’s usually a good thing. If you see the number of pages dropping, it’s usually a sign of trouble.


If you’ve made a technical error, blocking the search engines from showing parts of your website, this information can be found in webmaster central.


Hopefully this post has answered some of your questions and helped you understand, how search engines find you, how you can help improve your site, and where to start looking if you’re having problems.

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