Social Media Tips and Insights

Social media is an excellent resource for corporations, small businesses and individuals. When you have a social media account with different sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin you can feed the latest content to your customers or readers through different means. When you utilize social media you have a better chance of your posts or articles going viral. But if you don’t know the kind of content that is likely to go viral, you will probably not be getting the subscriptions or the traffic that you want for your social media feeds. Here are a few ways to help your content gain more readership.

1. Get Informed

The Internet changes daily. When you aren’t informed of the changes to the World Wide Web you will not be able to produce content that is fresh and innovative. Whether you are running a website about the newest iPhone technology or air conditioning, you need to be informed in your field. Make it a habit to visit media sites that are on the forefront of your field. This will help you learn and comment about the latest information so you can report back to your own readers.

2. Don’t Always Go With The Experts

There are a lot of experts that glamour over new technology in every field. One of the best ways to keep your readers informed is to give them straight answers. Sometimes it’s not as economical to do a complete overhaul to your website or your business for a few new features. People don’t like having to update their websites or business models and they love to read about why they don’t have to go through monetary means of doing so. Although you might not be a certified expert, pointing out the shortcomings of new technology will always make readers feel like you are informed. Use your Facebook or Twitter accounts to promote posts or articles that are going against the grain and you will see subscriptions rates and website hits go up quickly.

3. Give Out Free Tips And Insight

Free tips and insight into products, fields or techniques will always be welcomed to readers. Use your social media accounts to promote free tips via your own website or other sites. Readers love getting something for free and they will subscribe to your feeds if you are giving out solid information. Google has implemented changes within the last year to rank websites that give out insightful information higher. If you are going to promote other websites then make sure that you are using quality links. Google will also penalize your website if you are linking to low quality posts.

4. Fan Pages

Fan pages rank well with the search engines and they can really help you gain more readership. One of the best aspects of a fan page is that you can endorse a product to your readers. For instance, if you are running a website that sells medical supplies, you should join fan pages associated with the medical community. Other medical professionals will be able to see your website as a fan and this association can bring in more readers. Create a fan page for your own website and you will start to get more subscriptions to your other social media feeds.

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