The landing page of a business needs to direct traffic throughout the website. A successful landing page is used to redirect people to other pages that offer useful news, business offers and products. There are a few basic strategies that will help create an effective landing page.

The first thing that a landing page needs to show is a value offer. This is a sales prompt that shows potential customers exactly what you have to offer. The value offer is what connects customers to your business and leads to successful transactions. The conversion process should be linked to the value offer. The conversion process is how the customers complete their transactions. This can include purchases or signing up for a subscription. Be sure that the elements of the conversion process supports and reinforces the value offer.

The market copy of the landing page needs to be concise and well written. Many small business owners try to save money by writing their own copy, but if the copy is poorly written it will cost more in the long run. Hire writers, if you do not have the necessary experience and make sure that they are experienced using different psychological triggers. Web page design is another element that may need to be done professionally. The visual design and navigability of the landing page and the rest of the website is important to attracting new customers.

Effective product imagery is essential to success and 3D is the current trend. Use a 3D picture of the product or a defining logo to draw attention. Remember that customers seek a connection with different businesses. If you are comfortable with the idea post a professional picture of yourself on the landing page.

Transaction utilities like auto responders that follow up with customers will provide valuable customer research information. Shopping cart services are another auto responder service. They also help you remain in contact with customers with little effort. Other programs such as HackerSafe can accompany auto responders and provide your customers with a sense of security while they are on your website.

Analytics help monitor website traffic, and they are relatively simple to find. Google Analytics is free and a good option for many small business owners. The information from the analytics can be used to adapt the landing page for optimal results.

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