It’s always important to remember that each visitor to your website has value. Whether you are selling products directly via your eCommerce website, or your website is designed to generate leads that you distribute to your sales force, you need to make sure you are maximizing your conversion rates, period!

I’ve discussed a/b testing and different ways that your website can be your best salesperson before. However here are 5 new things you can and should be trying.

  1. Making sure you have a website landing page targeted and relevant to the site visitors is a fantastic way of increasing conversions. If someone searched for “cheap desktop computers” the landing page should have calls to action with that term built in. You’ll have a much higher conversion rate because of it.
  2. Create multi-step forms. If you have a very long form with a lot of information, no need to have it on one form and a long drawn out page. That is intimidating to people, and will negatively affect your conversion rates. Making it shorter, with steps, will give you better results.
  3. Have your landing pages designed with a lot of possible information on the main page. Tabs are a good way to do this, or an accordion navigation as well. This gives them the ability to change results on the landing page with the call to actions there, keeping your message strong.
  4. If your are marketing something that is based on a certain locale, it’s also very important to have your pages targeted to that local. For example, if you are in New York and you’re trying to sell tickets to Broadway shows, it would make sense to have your creative show images of NY and/or Broadway and different shows. Create a template that you can use and swap out, this is a good way to save money as well on labor.
  5. Make sure you are measuring and making changes if necessary. Check your conversion rate and your bounce rate. If they are not where you’d like them to be, consider a/b testing and making some of the changes above.

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