Your website is the digital face of your business. Whether you run a boutique business or large corporation, forms that appear on Online Forms Designed to Convertyour site must be designed to capture customer attention and information and to boost conversions.

There’s no one-form-fits-all-design, so when determining what type of form you’ll have on your website, keep asking the question, “Why would a visitor fill it out?”

Consider These Factors When Designing Your Online Form:

  • Determine Value: Why should the site visitor take the time to complete your form? Are you offering anything in return, such as a giveaway, valuable tool or free sample? Samples would require an email address and even a few key questions and offer a great ROI (Return on Investment). Value will help you establish how many questions you require and help the user determine whether or not filling out your form is worth their time.
  • Leverage Your Brand: Are you a reputable brand? If so, visitors will be more inclined to give up more intricate demographic information, particularly if you’re established and are offering a product they can use in return.
  • Add Pizzazz: Don’t forget to style your online form with your brand colors, logo or eye-catching image that will further engage the site visitor without making it too busy, of course.
  • Make It Short and Sweet: Sometimes the basics such as full name, email address and password are acceptable. If you start requiring page after page of details to register on your site, chances are the user will lose patience and your form will be quickly abandoned.

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  • Do The Two-Step: Need to accumulate more user info? Consider implementing a two step system. The first page of the form asks for full name and email, that way if they abandon the lengthier page two, the company has the two most important pieces of information to work with to draw them back.
  • Email to Browse: It’s like a VIP pass to enter! When a visitor lands on the home page, some retailers tease the visitor with just enough product or a blurred background to entice them to willingly enter their email address. Once it’s entered, users have full access to the site. Most consumers are willing to receive a few emails in order to benefit from your special deals.
  • Keep It Home: If simple, your online form should live on your site’s home page either above the fold or in another prominent position. If you don’t want to snail mail a giveaway, why not offer a “limited time” discount for customers to fill it out?
  • Revisit in Three Months: How many email addresses and how much customer information have you accrued since your online form went live? If it’s not doing much after ninety days it’s time for a revisit and restructure.

Whether long or short, when styling your ideal form, a little forethought goes a long way. Motivate your visitors to fill out the information needed to maximize sales and marketing efforts. Start boosting your conversion rates by leveraging the power of online forms today.

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