If your website’s optimization strategy includes a Pay-Per-Click campaign, chances are you already know what a landing page is. Also known as ‘lander’ or ‘lead capture’ pages, these are single web page destinations accessed by clicking on either a search result or an online advertisement appearing on a search engine results page (SERP). These pages generally display content that is sales driven; an extension of the SERPs ad or search result.

Once a visitor accesses a landing page, there are several additional ways to capture their interest and to close the sale. Accordingly, there are two types of landing pages:

  • The reference page offers relevant user information through text, images and dynamic content.
  • For those seeking to learn more or wish for additional interaction, a transactional page piques visitor interest by offering that content. However, it withholds further informational access until the user complies by filling out a form or providing an email, name and/or phone number to continue. Even if the user exits at that point, they have left sufficient contact information to be considered a prospect and be added to a mailing list.

Since landing pages are an ideal way to capture conversions (after all, to reach them demonstrates interest on the part of the user/visitor), it did not take long for SEO Specialists to realize that if they could improve on the number of sources pointing to the destination, not just SERPs, it would greatly increase the number of visitors and logically, the number of conversions.

Today, landing pages are additionally linked to from social media sites, through email campaigns or other search engine marketing (SEM) initiatives. This is not, however, a ‘hit or miss’ activity. SEO Specialists analyze a given page’s activity (metrics) and use click-through and conversion rates to determine the number of visitors each option generates.

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