Think #FoMO is a juvenile term? Think again. Fear of Missing Out is a very real occurrence, and while we might spot the hash tag used in jest a few times a day on social media, the term is actually defined as “a pervasive anxiety that others might have rewarding experiences from which we are not part”. Successful brands recognize this phenomenon as an opportunity and often leverage the fear of missing out in their marketing efforts.

We can look to the internet to better understand the #FoMO state of mind. This is where we, as consumers, learn all there is to know about a product, a service, a brand or a trend. We Fear of Missing Outencounter social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where savvy Content Marketers engage not only with consumers but with the thought leaders they follow. For example, Nike is a brand well adept at leveraging digital media to communicate just how state of the art their latest athletic shoe technology is. In fact, if you are an athlete, the brand messaging and product imagery combined with social media influence might impact your purchasing decision, leading you to believe you should lace up fast or be left in the dust. And that’s exactly how they want you to feel because, after all, who wants to miss out on technology that could help them run faster or jump higher than their competition? Not me!

Boost response rates by leveraging #FOMO.

I’ll admit it. As a consumer (and a marketer who should know better) my purchasing decisions are sometimes driven by an illogical preoccupation with a new product, the most recent trend, or the latest technology. And I know I’m not alone. The Fear of Missing Out is cause for the enormous (and very rarely used) Vitamix 5200 Super Duper Juicer taking up valuable countertop real estate in kitchens everywhere. It’s the reason there’s an unopened bag of Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) in your pantry, and it’s why in 2015 analysts expect that Apple will sell between 10 million and 32 million Apple Watches, allowing users to check email, listen to music and make phone calls from their wrist.

You don’t need to be Nike or Apple to profit from others’ #FoMO

Savvy content marketers in all industries often depend upon captivating digital content, strong brand messaging, and engaging imagery, not only to tell their brand story, but to lead a consumer or business to feel at a slight disadvantage without their product.

Is your business’ content strategy powerful enough to evoke the very real #FoMO that leads to meaningful conversions and increased revenue?

In any industry, a solid content marketing strategy should be consistent in its brand message and tone across all platforms. It must identify challenges in the marketplace and, through a combination of copy, imagery, and media, focus on resolution and improvement. Successful brand marketers understand how important it is communicate this message effectively in their website content, within social media campaigns, e mail marketing, digital media, and press releases.

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