Steve Jobs

Photo Credit to Matthew Yohe

Apple’s recent event took the technology (and Marketing) world by storm when they announced the new iPhone X and Apple Watch 3. The presentation started with a clip of Apple’s late co-founder and known visionary. Of course, there’s no better way to market your product as a breakthrough than to use a clip of Steve Jobs, forever known as the champion of technological innovation.

The announcement made waves throughout every industry sector, with stories appearing in news, business, financial, technology, culture, communications, and retail publications.

Apple’s annual event is eagerly anticipated. This year’s presentation was reminiscent of Apple’s “courage” last year, when the iPhone 7 was introduced without a standard headphone jack. As a result, Apple received mounds of criticism, as well as praise, but the point was everyone was talking about them. That’s the power of a PR and Marketing.

The Impact

The momentum built from anticipating Apple’s announcement, made one thing certain, it was a huge hit! Apple benefited from loads of free national coverage, trending space on social media, temporary stock boosts, all while landing pre-orders for their new products. We’re even blogging about it right now!

Out of nowhere, the trending topic on social media and print became “when are you getting the new iPhone?” That’s the power of PR and Marketing! No ad budget needed!

The Takeaways

Regardless of your opinion of Apple and its products, you have to appreciate the way Apple leveraged their PR and Marketing. On close examination, the iPhone is nothing more than a cell phone. However, due to the way this product is marketed and promoted consumers see it as being, at least until the next update, as the Holy Grail. Apple has effectively marketed their products as more than the sum of their respective parts. As a result, Apple is synonymous with innovation and the major force in the tech and consumer electronics world.

Why not apply this concept to your brand or business? Few businesses are as large or as mighty as Apple, however the measure of success is relative. The idea is to position your brand and product in a way that sparks the public’s imagination and creates demand. By telling your story to local media, you too can benefit and see the true power of PR and Marketing!

Market My Business Like Apple

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