Most people think of a Press release and think it is just a simple newsletter announcing some promotion or new product. Well, it is, but it is so much more than that. A Press Release can be a powerful tool that assists in SEO link building, brand awareness, as well as opens up opportunities for great sales leads.

Many businesses forego using Press Releases as a part of their SEO campaigns. While SEO is extremely effective and absolutely necessary on so many levels, Press Releases are an important addition to online advertising and should be included, even if it means publishing just one per quarter. They can be pretty powerful.

Some will choose to publish on their own, while others will have their Internet Marketing Firm take on this task. Using a company or service that has knowledge of the power of a Press Release is essential. There are specific settings, writing skills, service levels with release tools and Search Engine Optimization skills that are necessary to be successful with Press Releases. Choosing not to use a service with Press Release experience can become a waste of time and money.

Press Releases should be structured around brand awareness, a newsworthy subject, and proper linking. Let me say that again in more simple terms…company information on how to contact the related business, a catchy subject about an upcoming promotion/event/award, or even about the availability of the newest model of your top seller, strategic links on populated targeted keywords bringing the reader to the appropriate website page, as well as experienced writing of an interesting article. These are just the root of creating powerful Press Releases.

There is definitely an art to the creation process of successful Press Releases and they have proven to be a productive add-on to any SEO campaign. When done correctly, Press Releases have the possibility of exposing your business to THAT sale, the one you’ve been waiting for.

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