Is your business’s website fading into oblivion because of poor content? More often than not companies create content that is not only ineffective, but damaging to the website’s overall flow of traffic and sales conversions. Gain and retain customers by creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content to positively influence consumer behavior. If your company is guilty of any of the below content marketing mistakes, it’s time to make some changes.

1. Boring and Re-Spun ContentChoosing Content Marketing Strategy

Ask yourself if the content you’re posting offers interesting, useful, and engaging information to new visitors and existing customers. Repackaged content under the guise of new information won’t provide an enlightening experience for users. With Google’s stringent new policies it may even cause them to navigate away from your site. Strive to be an industry leader with a fresh outlook. Discuss the latest trends in your field. And don’t forget to be accurate as the last thing you’d want is for someone to call you on a mistake.

2. Misuse and Misplacement of Keywords

Keywords should be directly relevant to the topic. They must be strategically placed, distributed in a specific manner throughout the blog article and not be overused. Keywords must appear naturally within the body of the text so that the content does not read awkwardly to visitors.

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3. Irregular Blog Updates

Stagnant blogs are a continual problem for companies large and small, and you should be updating your blog at least once a week to ensure you are providing fresh content. Major search engines reward sites for having new and relevant information. New blogs will help you gain organic searches and draw in visitors from social media and other sources.

4. Non-Integrated Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more have the potential to create a community of engaged and interested prospects. Align your content marketing objectives with social media strategies. Manage and share information all at once through social media management dashboards and put social media icons on your website. Confused about what to post? Share something interesting that you’ve read recently. Ask thoughtful questions about your industry. Share links to new content that you’ve posted to your site.

5. Not Leveraging Calls to Action

Do you pump out content that doesn’t do anything besides provide a good read? Capitalize on calls to action at the end of your posts. This is prime real estate to clinch the deal. Content should have a behavioral objective to site visitors and provide a platform for companies to hit sales goals. Positively influence visitor behavior to click on an enticing ad with offer, hyperlink or an 800 number to “Call Now.” Quality content profits your company and provides the readers with a tangible benefit. It’s a win-win! By avoiding these faux pas in your business’ content marketing, bounce rates will decrease and relevant traffic and sales conversions will increase. Content marketing is a full time job in itself and you’ve got a business to run.

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