seoQuality content. Keywords. In the ever-changing world of digital marketing these stay relevant. Why? Because when shopping for a specific product or service online, most consumers plug in a few search terms into Google to find what they’re looking for. As a business owner, you’ll want to rank on the first page search results so they choose you over a sea of competitors. This doesn’t occur by chance, it happens with quality content that incorporates the power of carefully selected keywords. When developing keywords into high quality content, there are several strategies you should apply to bolster your search engine rankings, which will in turn increase site traffic and higher sales conversions.

Get a Pro SEO

These are individuals who specialize in researching and pinpointing high ranking Google search terms or keywords in your specific industry and demographic. Increasing organic traffic and helping to meet sales goals are their specialty. After performing a general website audit and taking the business’s goals into account, product site pages are mapped out a targeted keyword list is developed and assigned to applicable pages. This list is generally sent for approval to the business owner. This is known as on-site optimization. SEO’s also perform off-site optimization, which consists of getting other websites to link back to yours and more. Depending on your goals you can leverage one or the other – or both.

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Hire a Content Writer

After keywords are carefully selected by an SEO specialist, they must be strategically interwoven into website content by a content writer. Sometimes existing copy needs to be rewritten, other times new copy must be implemented – it depends on where traffic and sales need to increase. Placement of keywords is important, such as in H1 or H2 tags, and content writers know exactly where they should go on each web page. Keywords can be awkwardly phrased at times, but a skilled content writer will know how to spin and/or craft quality copy around keywords while delivering important product and service information — all while preserving the business’s brand. Content writers should also utilize internal linking, i.e., linking back to other areas of your site. Then, of course, fresh content needs to be regularly implemented on your site to keep up with new products, services and updated keywords. Weekly blogs can help support new content, too.

Upload New Content

The sooner the enhanced content goes live, the better. That’s when you’ll start to see organic traffic and conversions increase. Either you (via a CMS) or your web developer can upload and place the new content on your site, or it can be taken care of by your digital marketing agency. In this case the assigned SEO specialist places and uploads the new content and works on strengthening a website’s core elements to support the target keywords and back links. This may sound like a lot to handle, especially when running the front end of a brick and mortar business combined with an online store. If your business is entirely web based and you’re not implementing these SEO content strategies, you are missing out on an enormous pool of untapped customers. To start increasing site traffic with this time-proven and effective plan of action, find an established digital agency that will work with you to help achieve your sales goals both online and on site.

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