As marketers, we’re always looking for new ways to entice users to engage with our content. Whether for a client or our own agency, the mission to drive shutterstock_273643091more traffic and have more site visitors click on calls-to-actions (CTAs) or fill out a form is rarely at a standstill. By constantly evaluating conversion optimization opportunities, we are able to identify where and when a user is most likely to make a conversion on a specific part of a site, and the answer is often simple- the user will engage with what attracts their attention.

One way to drive attention, and ultimately engagement, to a site’s CTA buttons or forms is by creating animations using CSS3 and HTML5. While Flash used to be the go-to for creating elaborate animations and CTAs, the files would take too long to load and not render on mobile devices at all. It also required users to download extra plugins such as Shockwave to their computer. Today, the designers & developers at Active Web Group are creating cool animations for our clients using CSS3 properties such as translate, rotate, scale, and skew. The result? Engaging calls-to-action that drive both user experience and user engagement.

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A frequently animated object on websites is the menu icon. By creating a menu icon that is commonly referred to as the Hamburger Menu, navigation items can be collapsed into an engaging animation that expands when clicked on. See some of our examples in the links below:

Overall, animation increases the user’s enjoyment of the site, which in today’s world of short attention spans and visual storytelling is no small feat. By employing animation throughout a site, the site itself becomes more entertaining, and encourages the user to stay on the site longer. Here’s an example of how we were able to use CSS3 + HTML5 animation on our own site:

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