The landing page of your Website needs to make an immediate connection to your visitor in order to create powerful conversion numbers. There are a number of components that your landing page should contain in order to provide proven success and help draw the reader to stay on the Web page and delve into the Website.

Instant Attention Grabbing Headlines:

We all know that it’s a competitive world out there on the Internet, and if there is nothing to attract the attention of the reader they are simply going to move on. The first thing most readers see is the headline. Making it compelling enough to keep the readers’ attention often means the use of a pre-headline.

A pre-headline is just as it sounds. It comes right before the actual headline and its main goal is to shout out something imperative to get the reader to develop interest in what you might have to say.

Your pre-headline is the attention grabber, which is then followed by the main headline. The main headline is still looking for attention from the reader but is more willing to offer up some more detailed information. Use the pre-headline to attract readers who are trying to solve a problem like, “End Your Financial Troubles Today!” Use the headline to give them a little peek into how you’re going to help them solve the problem like, “Use This Powerful Technique to SkyRocket to Powerhouse Profits.”

Support Your Headline:

Don’t forget your headline once you start writing. Back up your headline with some sort of evidence that what you’re saying is credible. Otherwise you end up looking like you tried to trick the reader into hanging out on your landing page. If you feel you can support your own claims through the use of your own personal experience or your position, use a subheading to indicate this and use a simple paragraph or two to explain why you get to be the authority on their situation.

Support the headline further by expressing clear understanding of how challenging it can be to solve their problem. The more you address the difficulties, especially targeting the tricks they have been subjected to in their previous efforts, the better. This can include explaining how you understand that most marketing scams are there to take your money and offer little information, that the same information is found all over the Internet just regurgitated in different ways, and that many of today’s leading programs intentionally leave out vital information.

Make sure that you can prove that your solution is different because it is ideal. List the benefits and list the differences between your solution and the other run of the mill solutions. Give them a reason to believe that they will have the power to solve their own problem if they just have what you are offering. The more personally connected they feel to your product the more likely they are to purchase it immediately.

The Power of Social Agreement:

Testimonials are good way to back up your statements from the previous paragraph. Testimonials show the reader that there are others out there who were feeling just as frustrated as they are and they were able to solve their problems because they went ahead and trusted your statements.

Free Benefits:

Always have a free benefit or two. Whether it’s a report on furthering your profits through other marketing means or its access to a list of marketing businesses that are proven winners, give away an extra bonus.

Keep it Easy:

By now you’ve provided the reader with tons of information, even if it’s compact and in bulleted form. This means that they are starting to feel like there must be a lot of complicated steps to the solution as there is so much information you feel you can share with them. Now is a great time to remind them that they too can have success and it can be simple to follow and is priced well under market value. You want to encourage them to believe they are getting much more than they are paying for and that they will not be overwhelmed with any sort of difficult steps that they will find to be overtly taxing.


At this point, you’ve convinced them that you have the most powerful, easy to use, underpriced problem solver in the world. They are going to get free bonuses (list them again) and as a special thanks for ordering by the deadline or being one of the first hundred orders of the week, you’ll also include another special bonus. Make sure this bonus is even more intriguing and valuable than the first ones. You’re trying to create urgency so that they will respond right now instead of deciding to consider it for a few days.


Provide the reader with the promise of a real guarantee and be prepared to stick to it. Don’t assume that you’ll be able to push off someone who wants their money back. If you need proof of attempts to use the product, include that in the promise. Let them know that any free benefits or bonus material they receive is theirs to keep anyway, just so that they feel like you’re willing to give away information even if it doesn’t work out as planned. They are better off for ordering and returning than they would have been for never ordering at all.

Use the guarantee and the other positive aspects to remind them that they get all of this plus a solution to their problem if they respond immediately. Everything you’re offering is a package. If they want the package, they need to be in a hurry to get it.

Post Scripts:

Remind the reader of the urgency once again by reminding them how quickly they can have the answer to their problems. Remind them that receive more than just the product, but emotional benefits as well. Tell them how good they’ll feel, how they will finally experience peace of mind, and how they will be able to sleep better tonight knowing that they’ve made such a positive step forward.

Lift Letter:

This is a section devoted to those who have yet to make a decision. Give them a separate button to click on so that you don’t distract the users that are ready to order. Usually placing it below the “order now” button will help filter through the prospects.

This is a great place to add in some testimonials. Using people that didn’t initially order your product and found out later how much time and money they wasted is a good way to connect to the undecided. At this point, you want to take some time to remind the user that they stand to lose something without ordering your product. By giving them this information now, you give them more reason to consider the importance of action today.

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