As the Internet is likely being utilized as the primary method of finding information on products, services, and businesses, most corporations have realized that some type of online web presence is essential in order to remain competitive and ensure continued success. However, small businesses and corporations must also realize that just as a book is typically judged by its cover, a business might very well be judged by its website.

A well made, well presented website has the potential to increase sales and brand recognition, while a poorly constructed, confusing website can result in a decreasing customer base. Customers who visit your website are looking for information, and if it isn’t presented in a manner that can be found quickly, they will leave and visit another website. In fact, research studies have shown that visitors to a website will typically only browse a website for 30 seconds or less for the information they are seeking before moving on.

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To ensure that your website properly engages visitors, provides information in a clear, sufficient, easy-to-find manner, and follows up-to-date web protocol and design standards, it is important to consult with and utilize professional web designers.

There are a number of important factors to consider when building a website. Simply pasting up an assortment of flashy graphics and cleverly worded text will not instantly translate to thousands of visitors. Unfortunately, many companies seeking to create a website are lured by low-cost website templates. Generic web templates may look attractive and come equipped with lots of nifty bells and whistles, but a problem that often accompanies them is web browser compatibility.

Web Compatibility

The World Wide Web Consortium has issued a series of guidelines utilized by web designers that ensures a website will maintain a consistent look and feel across the broad spectrum of Internet browsers and devices that are used to browse the Internet.

If a template is not created according to these guidelines it may appear fine on Internet Explorer, while certain graphics and text may not display properly on Firefox, and it may be totally incomprehensible on a mobile device. It then becomes necessary to pay for redesign, and additional factors may be an issue as well, such as corporate colors, SEO functionality, and website expansion as your company grows.

Navigation and Ease of Use

Many companies often wander into the pitfall of wanting to provide a wealth of information on each and every page of the website. These actions often result in a website that not only appears confusing, but too much text may be difficult to read. Graphics are of course an essential enhancement to any website, but using images improperly or in a haphazard manner can cause them to appear low quality, or cause your website to load slowly.

Users do not want to have to search long for information that may be contained on your website, and they will look for ways to easily navigate through your site. Links to contact information should be readily available, as well as a link back to the homepage (usually the company logo, which should be positioned clearly on each page of your website).

Website Design Solutions

Active Web Group, a leading web marketing company, understands that a website is a 24/7 advertisement for a company. Our web designers are dedicated to creating well-designed, professional quality websites that showcase your image, your brand and your information in a clear yet innovative manner with user satisfaction as an important consideration.

The web designers at Active Web Group are fully experienced in designing websites according to web standards, creating sitemaps for search engines to correctly categorize your site, and properly integrating images, forms, and other enhancements. Should you desire, we can put together a complete package that includes Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Management, eCommerce, and email marketing.

Just as there is much more to a book than what appears on the cover, your website not only needs to appear attractive and engaging, it also needs quality content as well. Let Active Web Group design your website today!

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