We’ve been hearing a lot of talk over the past few years as to whether or not blogging is ‘still worth it’. So we thought it would be a good idea to clear some things up so you can decide if blogging is a good investment for your company. Let’s get started!

The Primary Benefits of Blogging

The term “blogging” itself has become something of a buzzword, meaning it gets thrown around a lot generically. But in reality, the benefits of blogging are anything but generic. Here are some of the main incentives businesses have for running a successful blog.

It Helps Brands Establish Their Authority in Their Industry

What better way is there to show off what you know? Running a blog gives brands the opportunity to share the way they see things and solve problems (kind of like we’re doing right now).

Simply put, brands can talk about what they think is important while offering valuable resources to their customers, clientele, staff, and more. It’s a way to get noticed.

It Helps Brands Drive Valuable Traffic to Their Website

When it comes down to it, more pieces of content means more potential keywords you can rank for and more opportunities to get people on your website. This is especially helpful for getting customers into the top of your marketing funnel (known as the Awareness Stage).

But that’s not all… 

Blog posts serve as valuable pieces of content for brands to share online. Often positioned for educational pieces, brands can leverage their headlines to drive clicks as part of these strategies…

? Organic Social Media Posting

✉️ Email Newsletters

? Paid Ad Campaigns

As you can see, you can never really have ‘too much’ content. Just be aware that more isn’t better if the quality doesn’t meet a certain standard. After all, what’s the point of creating content that nobody will care about?

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It Helps Brands Nurture Prospects

Like with driving traffic, educational content in the form of blog posts can serve to inform potential customers. This is great for driving people down from the top/middle of your sales funnel down to the bottom.

It Helps Brands Generate Valuable Backlinks (For SEO)

If your blogs have something to say – and I mean really something to say, other brands will notice. If you’re providing quality content with original takes, you can open the door to other blogs and websites citing you as a source in the form of a backlink. Popular search engines like Google take very kindly to these backlinks, as it tells them you’re credible, which can vastly boost your search rankings. As a matter of fact, building backlinks is a huge part of any SEO strategy.

The Age of Saturation

We know the benefits of running a quality blog, so what’s the problem? Well, the benefits have been known for some time, so getting your blog noticed has become competitive. Really competitive.

This begs the question – “is running a blog worth it considering how saturated the field is?”

Our answer is yes, but only when your expectations are managed and only when it’s done right. The truth is, you don’t need to have the biggest blog in the world. Just one that fulfills its purpose.

Start by outlining small, attainable goals and go from there. We can do this!

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