Can you believe the new year is already around the corner? We can’t – but that doesn’t change the fact that you can’t afford to stall the planning of your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy. Wondering why? We’ll give you 5 seriously good reasons.

How Will You Be Leveraging SEO in 2021?

Before you even start any of your hands-on SEO work, you have to carve out your brand’s niche. This means utilizing data to get into your customers’ heads and discover what makes your brand different.

Then comes your big picture SEO strategy, followed by all the keyword research, planning out your editorial calendar, having a team to create high-quality content and of course, being able to gather and learn from the data you collect.

But here’s why you can’t wait.. because every week you push these things aside, your competition is moving ahead.

Can you afford to keep falling behind?

It Takes Time to Assemble a Strong Content Team

There are tons of content writers out there, but unfortunately, most of them are mediocre at best. And while you think you’re saving a lot of money by using them, you’ll inevitably realize the work they produce simply isn’t worth it. This is because mediocre content doesn’t:

? grab your customer’s attention

? drive quality website traffic

? convert into sales

If your content isn’t moving the needle… then what’s the point?

The truth is, it takes time to assemble a team of quality content writers that will actually help you achieve your online goals. This is just another reason why you can’t wait!

What About Planning Your Branding and Social Media Efforts?

Even the most fun, creative Social Media Marketing strategies will fall short of their goals if they fail to follow a consistent brand message. Social media isn’t about throwing contests and promotions together, hoping they’ll bring you traction. It’s about cultivating an audience and showcasing what your business is made of.

As with anything else, if you wait until 2021 to start planning your social media efforts, it will show. And we’ll tell you one thing, it’s unlikely your competition is waiting around.

Will You Be Running Paid Ads? Where?

What about your paid media strategy? This is often huge for generating brand awareness and getting customers into your funnel, as well as pushing sales.

Do you need to invest in Google Ads? Or maybe some paid social efforts, like Facebook Ads? How you look to position your product in the eyes of online shoppers will be the key to outlining the right strategy for your sales funnel.

The sooner you can start preparing for paid media strategy, whether that be by conducting keyword research or gathering consumer interests – the better off you’ll be!

Most of All: They All Have to Work Together

We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but the Digital Marketing space is more competitive than ever. This means posting to social media, sending arbitrary emails and ‘hail mary’ ads won’t be enough to drive conversions.

You need a 360 degree marketing strategy wrapped up with a cohesive brand message that will ensure all of your efforts are working in tandem, reinforcing themselves in the process. 

With over 20 years of experience service brands of all sizes and industries, Active Web Group knows a challenge when they see it. If you need a hand planning and executing your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy, contact us here or give us a call at (800) 978-3417!