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Bing’s search engines account for 30% of the total market share. Let AWG’s Bing Pay Per Click team present your online business to best advantage to gain more leads/conversions/revenue!


Bing PPC campaigns offer small to mid-sized businesses a strong alternative to Google. That’s because Bing represents about 30% of the total market share, second only to highly-competitive Google Ads. It is true: A Bing Pay Per Click campaign managed by Active Web Group can propel your online business to the forefront of this niche market. Speak with our PPC professionals to learn how to showcase your enterprise and maximize market share through our Bing Pay-Per-Click advertising management.


We’re often asked, “why would I choose Bing over Google?” The answer is simple: Google is a Pay-Per-Click advertising giant. However, Google’s high volume traffic breeds considerable competition. Remember, Bing receives 30% of the total Internet search traffic. Thirty percent might not sound like a lot, however, that still amounts to millions of internet searches. What business wouldn’t like to have some of that market share from their target market? A Bing PPC campaign is looking better already!


Generally, Bing PPC campaigns cost far less than Google campaigns. Since fewer people are advertising on Bing, it is less competitive and the advertising will be less expensive. This means that you will pay the same or less than you would on Google for a highly competitive keyword and likely yield better results. Takeaway: Comparably, a Bing PPC campaign is an economic choice for every marketing budget.

Bing Includes Yahoo!

Over a decade ago, Bing and Yahoo! merged. Since then its users have been provided with an even bigger online market share. Because these two search engines have merged, PPC advertisers receive a greater online reach. The ads that you use for your business will appear on both search engines and all of their partner sites. Some of these partner sites include the Wall Street Journal, FOX Sports, and CNBC. This gives your advertisements more room to grow and more varied demographics to reach. Takeaway #2: You’ll likely spend less to reach more potential new business outlets with a Bing Pay Per Click campaign expertly managed by AWG. Takeaway #3: When considering a purchase, four out of 5 people state that they turn to social media for advice and 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations and referrals over product advertising.

Active Web’s PPC professionals stay current and ahead of Pay-Per-Click industry trends. When PPC evolves, we evolve to continue to provide our clients with optimal results for their ad spend. Active Web Group is your best option to provide value to your online business utilizing Bing. Contact us today to review your Pay-Per-Click account or to have us develop a strategy that will be profitable for you and your business. 

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