Bing Pay-Per-Click

Bing PPC campaigns have emerged as an alternative to Google in recent years. This search engine became one of the most popular search engines because of its focus on the mobile market which is growing exponentially. Pay-Per-Click can be found on almost every search engine on the Internet, but Bing has garnered about 30% of the search engine market share this year along with their partner sites such as Yahoo. Active Web Group wants to get your business on the forefront of this niche market by giving you the best in Bing Pay-Per-Click advertising management.

Why Choose a Bing Pay-Per-Click Campaign Over Google?

One question that is asked all the time is “why would I choose Bing over Google?” Google is a giant when it comes to Pay-Per-Click advertising. However, with Google’s considerable amount of traffic comes considerable competition. Bing receives 30% of the total Internet search traffic. Thirty percent might not sound like a lot, but 30% of the total number of Internet searches still amounts to millions of searches. What business wouldn’t like to have some of that market share from their target market?

Bing PPC Costs

Overall, a Bing PPC campaign does not cost as much as Googles. Since fewer people are advertising on Bing, it is less competitive and the advertising is therefore, less expensive. This means that you will pay the same or less than you would on Google for a higher competition keyword with better results.

Demographic Advantages to a Bing PPC Campaign

Bing Pay-Per-Click advertising offers significant advantages over Google by applying demographics. Google does not currently offer target ages or target genders. Bing allows advertisers to increase their bid by up to 10% if the searcher is between certain ages and up to 20% if a woman is searching for the target keywords. This works directly with the user’s Windows Live account.

Global Competition

One of the most noteworthy advantages that Bing Pay-Per-Click advertising offers is the low competition on a global level. Bing PPC is only offered to certain countries, whereas Google Ads is offered all over the world. The current choices for Bing advertising include the US, Canada, the UK and Singapore. Currently Bing is only available in English and French. In the future, Microsoft will probably start offering Bing Pay-Per-Click to other countries, but right now this is a niche market affording businesses a great advertising venue.

Bing Includes Yahoo!

Bing and Yahoo! merged in mid 2009, providing users with an even bigger market share online. Because these two search engines have merged, PPC advertisers will get a greater reach online. The ads that you use for your business will appear on both of the search engines and all of the partner sites. Some of these partner sites include the Wall Street Journal, FOX Sports and CNBC. This gives your advertisements more room to grow and more people to reach.

Active Web’s PPC professionals stay current and ahead of trends in our specialty. When the industry evolves, we evolve to continue to provide our clients with optimal results for their PPC spend.

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