Case Study

Hobie Polarized


Hobie Polarized, Inc., an international ‘lifestyles’ firm best known for its trendy outdoor eyewear, contacted Active Web Group with extensive requirements for its new corporate website. These upgrades included user experience enhancements, a more fluid sales funnel, sophisticated cart functionality, and an easy system to make on-the-fly site updates. After consulting with our design and development professionals, Hobie contracted with AWG to build their customized, scalable, Magento 2 eCommerce solution.

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The Challenge

As a retailer, Hobie’s management knew they had to reach their targeted demographic and to attract them to their website, in part by offering the most current eyewear products their prospects were seeking. Once on the new site, however, visitors must also be offered an enhanced user experience. To guide and convert site visitors, improved site navigation and a sophisticated shopping cart were requisites to enable swift buying decisions and a more facile cart/transaction process.


Retail is a highly competitive business therefore for Hobie updating products in minutes not days, and enabling site users to convert to customers with ease were paramount concerns. Implementing Magento 2’s customizable platform would allow Hobie to upgrade their eCommerce site to take advantage of Magento 2’s advanced functionality. Another benefit this platform offers is future scalability as it readily accepts additional features via Plugins.


To execute these goals, Active Web Group built an eCommerce site that addresses Hobie’s current and future business requirements. A critical component was to increase the site speed. To visitors, this means that site pages will build quickly, making it faster to locate what they came for. Additional enhancements and upgrades provided greater client-side autonomy, including the ability to make site changes on the fly. Magento 2’s features also contributed to the user’s site experience enhancement throughout the sales process, and additionally provide post-transaction customer service opportunities. Here is a partial list of upgrades:

  • Marketing Promotions and Tools: achieve increased Average Order Value features such as via Flexible Coupons, Promotional Pricing, Shopping Cart Upsell opportunities,
  • Catalog Management features: Tax rates by location, Customer Personalization, Product Reviews processing, etc.
  • Product Browsing features including upsell opportunities: Multiple Product Images, Product Reviews, Availability, Wishlist, etc.
  • Checkout/Payment- A streamlined checkout process, makes it faster and easier to make purchases: One Page Checkout, SSL Security, Customization features, Tax/Shipping Estimator, Guest Checkout option, Save Cart, integration, PayPal option, BrainTree, Bank Transfer option, Cash on Delivery option, Purchase Order option, etc.
  • Addition of Follow Up Email – to allow the client to set triggers/reminders to constantly stay in touch with customers. This increases brand loyalty and helps build repeat business.
  • Customer Accounts: Increase convenience by enabling buyers to customize their individual accounts including saving items to a wish list, sharing with Friends and Family, account edit access to their contact information, access to their Reviews, Order Status, easy Re-orders, Address Book, Default Shipping and Billing Address

Due to these user enhancements, Hobie is pleased with the look, ease of use, and transactional upgrades its new eCommerce website provides. Recently launched, is beginning to post increased site metrics, including both conversions and revenue facilitated by the new website’s fluidity and greater customer satisfaction.

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