hobie-1aHobie Polarized creates stylish performance sunglasses for those with a passion for water sports. Yet despite having a great product, Hobie’s brand wasn’t reaching its full potential. That’s when Active Web Group was brought in and through a combination of services, we not only raised awareness, but we were able to increase their revenue by over 244%.


The sunglasses industry is filled with popular luxury brands and large scale distributors like Amazon that made Hobie Polarized’s fight for recognition an uphill battle. The sheer number of established brands made SEO rankings highly competitive. There were also some issues regarding user experience on Hobie Polarized’s webpage that was leading to form abandonment and low conversion rates.


Active Web Group jumped into action with a number of services designed to raise brand awareness, improve website performance, and increase Hobie Polarized’s overall revenue.

Our work included

SEO – Our SEO analysis allowed us to identify stronger keywords that allowed Hobie to rank higher in the search engines. For example, discount polarized sunglasses- ranked 4th in Google (up 26 spots from baseline); polarized reader sunglasses – ranked 6th in Google (up 27 spots from baseline); polarized sunglasses for men – ranked 8th in Google (unranked at baseline) Screenshot for 2/12/15 vs. 9/1/15.


Web Design – We addressed user experience issues by tweaking Hobie’s web design and improving site performance. We fixed the functionality of the shopping cart and improved calls to action throughout the site. Conversion Rate Optimization – After noticing a high rate of form abandonment, we redesigned their forms and improved CTA buttons on their website for improved conversion rates.

Email Marketing – We utilized email marketing to help spread awareness about the brand and push promotions out to new and existing consumers.

eCommerce Development – We set up an improved shopping cart so customers could browse and make purchases on Hobie’s page.

Pay Per Click campaign – Our PPC campaign was another important element in raising brand awareness by getting the Hobie Polarized name in prominent places on the first page of the major search engines.


In under a year, Hobie Polarized saw an increase in organic website sessions by over 139%, with a 160% increase in new users. Completed organic transactions soared by 166% and overall eCommerce revenue increased by 244.04%. Active Web Group has successfully raised Hobie’s brand awareness, increased SEO performance, and made their mark among competitors.

Services Offered

Active Web Group has engaged in the following marketing campaigns for Hobie Polarized: conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization, web design (with responsive design), email marketing, eCommerce development, and pay per click advertising.

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