Case Study

Talon Air Jets

Talon Air Jets

Project Overview

Talon Air offers consistency, flexibility, luxury, security and customer care like no other private jet service in existence. However, before they contacted us, their online presence was not living up to the offline dedication, reliability and charisma they are known for. At first Talon Air hired Active Web Group to simply increase their online marketing exposure, but after just one year they were so pleased with our results that they tripled their marketing budget and contracted Active Web Group to redesign their website as well.


Talon’s old site featured dated Flash-based technology, was not mobile-friendly and made it tough for search engines to provide priority ranking. Because the old website was not mobile friendly, all mobile traffic was converting at a substantially lower percentage with a much higher bounce rate, taking potential clientele directly away from Talon Air’s website.

“I have had nothing but good experiences working with Active Web Group. They’ve learned our business model very quickly and have applied it to all of our marketing efforts. We initially started with just an SEO campaign that has worked very well, increased our lead flow and most importantly helped to acquire us numerous first page rankings in a very short period of time. Our relationship has since grown to web design and graphic design. The Active Web Team is crucial to our continued success, and we look forward to continued positive performance.”

Paul St. Lucia
Talon Air, Inc.


We researched Talon Air, gaining an understanding of their community and their business model. Active Web Group strives to learn as much as possible about a client’s business and their customer’s needs in order to tailor their marketing campaign, web design and other initiatives toward providing a fully superior user experience. After acquiring more web traffic for Talon Air, it was Active Web Group’s duty to make their website beautiful, straightforward as well as user-friendly for mobile devices. We were up to the challenge.

Active Web Group created new quote forms for Talon Air, implemented a new sign up process, utilized Search Engine Optimization content and best practices. Additionally we created a system to track conversions and exercise better control over the creation and alteration of Talon Air’s website.


Active Web Group’s efforts yielded Talon Air an online presence to match their stellar offline reputation. A multitude of compliments have come in from both Talon Air employees and Talon Air’s esteemed clientele, noting their site’s excellent responsive design (allowing it to be functionally viewable on a host of devices and formats) and user friendliness.

Talon Air saw a 28% increase in traffic and a 36% conversion rate on their new SEO-friendly website within the first two months, also achieving first page rankings for Talon Air’s high volume search terms. In addition, Talon Air has seen a 31% month-over-month page view increase since Active Web Group launched their brand new responsive design site.

Services Offered

Active Web Group has engaged in the following marketing campaigns for Talon Air: Web Design (with Responsive Design), Graphic Design and Search Engine Optimization.