Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a proven Internet Marketing solution that enables websites to attract site visitors seeking their goods and services and to convert them to customers. When properly implemented, a sound SEO campaign can yield significant benefits. However, with so many competitors also utilizing SEO to its maximum potential and occasionally retooling their SEO content in order to maintain and expand their market share, additional supportive initiatives may be necessary.

Why Does My Online Business Need Digital Asset Optimization?

If you are a brick and mortar business with a web presence or a purely online enterprise your business can benefit from Digital Asset Optimization (DAO). For brick and mortar businesses, online marketing has been proven as a cost-effective means of attracting new business. For those whose online business is a pure-play endeavor with no physical storefronts, the need to have every aspect of your site working to attract and retain business is essential.

It is understood that the most effective websites are as fully-optimized as possible with useful fresh content and are easy to use. But are there existing optimization opportunities on your website that could attract new business prospects to your online business? Digital Asset Optimization utilizes every pixel of web content to ensure it is working to increase quality site visitors and conversions. This effective practice includes identifying the digital assets on your website and optimizing these in accordance with current SEO best practices.

That’s why Active Web Group offers a DAO program that can effectively optimize all the digital assets contained on your website and leverage them in order to maximize promotion capabilities and increase online visibility and greater awareness of your brand.

Even digital assets hosted on other sites can benefit from our DAO program. Should your site have only a small amount of material that may be considered digital assets, Active Web Group can utilize those features in new and creative ways that will improve the effectiveness of your marketing and promotion initiatives and garner more focused website traffic.

Optimize Your Digital Assets Here

To see how Digital Asset Optimization might be utilized to attract potential customers and increase sales, as well as improve online visibility, contact Active Web Group to discuss a digital asset management program.