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Your logo represents your public persona. Let AWG’s design pros create the perfect image that speaks positive volumes about your brand!

Your company logo design defines your brand. One goal of solid, professional logo design is to leave an indelible, highly favorable impression in your clients’ and customers’ minds. Example: no one drives past that giant, concentric red and white bullseye and thinks of archery. No, even if we do not shop there, Target, the big box retail store, now ‘owns’ that image in all our hearts and minds. It does not take a national retail chain’s mega budget, however, to have a well-conceived, successful logo.

For over two decades, Active Web Group’s design professionals have been creating logo designs for Long Island businesses that score points with both our clients and their clientele.

Here are the top considerations our logo development team puts into every custom logo design:

Some might say that Nike’s wave logo is too simple, but no one mistakes what retailer it represents. Logos must be easy to recognize and remember. Symbols are also a visual example of simplicity that can be used to represent a brand. Whether it is decided to convey your corporate image with a font, color, symbol or interplay of all three, it takes only a few select elements to convey your brand’s image, and to instill in viewers’ memories your company’s values and concepts.

When creating logo designs for Long Island firms, the AWG team knows that a great logo design is unique and easily remembered. It creates an instant association with your company. Here, the goal is to create a consumer connection with your brand, so let us make it easy for them to recall and relate your logo image to your brand.

Timeless, Not Trendy
Do you know how old the Coca-Cola logo is? First drawn in 1893, the eponymous brand’s logo is about to turn a ripe old 130 and still looks fresh and youthful! The caveat here is to avoid design trends and to find your own road. Dated looking logos leave an unfavorable impression with consumers, and frequent logo updates can destroy any association the public has made with your brand via your existing logo design.

Versatility and Scalability
Another aspect of logo development that many inexperienced designers overlook is how their work will ‘read’ across numerous mediums and media. For example, is the logo just for use on the website? Or, will it additionally be used in print work such as business cards, on advertising broadsheets, posters, letterhead, and brochures, or even as an enlarged vinyl decal on the side of company fleet vehicles? Scale and clarity are extremely important considerations, so at AWG, it is vital to know our clients’ industries as well as their business needs.

One of the most important yet affordable investments you can make in your company is to consult with the logo development team at Active Web Group. Our logo designers will take the time to understand your brand, your business plan, and what motivates you to grow your enterprise. You’ve doubtless seen AWG’s many logo designs for Long Island businesses, now give our team the opportunity to create your unique, custom, professional corporate image.

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