The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) costs that you will have to pay for PPC advertising campaigns are going to depend on the keywords that are chosen and how often they are clicked on from a search result. Active Web Group’s PPC Management team specializes in finding the lowest cost, most highly effective keywords for every industry. Whether you would like to bring traffic to your landing and sales pages or use PPC to directly sell products, Active Web Group is here to help and has the experience and expertise to do just that.

How Is The Price Determined?

PPC is a paid form of search engine marketing. When you advertise on a search engine, your business must pay for each click to the advertisements. The strategy is to use highly converting keywords with the smallest cost to bring in sales traffic. When somebody searches for the keyword that you have chosen for your campaign, the advertisement will appear on the side or top of the search engine results page. If somebody clicks on the advertisement, you must pay the PPC cost. This could range from 5 cents to several dollars depending on the keywords that you choose. The goal is to have the clicks from your keywords convert into sales or leads on the landing page linked from the ad. Price is also determined by the quality of your ad and landing page. It is important that the terms that are chosen are relevant to the pages that they are directed to. By having professionally written ads and content that matches you will actually reduce the cost of a click!

Why Do Certain Keywords Cost More?

Like everything in sales, there is supply and demand across the Internet. Some keywords are searched much more than others. One of the most highly searched phrases online is “weight loss.” Using this as a keyword is going to cost much more than using a lesser-searched phrase. Because of this supply and demand principal, Active Web Group will find you keywords that are in searched for a lot, but do not have a high cost per click rate. It is important to focus on ROI more than just cost per click. In other words we would rather pay $5 a click for a word that converts at 10% than $1 a click for a word that converts at 1%. The $5 word brings in 2x the amount of sales or leads for the total cost. The cost per click is also greatly driven by competition. Even if there are only a few bidders, if they feel the word is of great value to them they may bid it up to a level that pushes it to a poor ROI. Active Web Group’s management strategy is not one of emotion rather than one of results.

What Does “Low Competition” Mean?

Low competition is a term used when determining the Pay-Per-Click costs for your campaign. When a keyword is highly searched on the Internet, generally, it will have a higher cost per click. However, this is not always the case. Some search terms do not get searched for as much as the highly competitive terms, but they do not have the competition that the highly competitive terms have. For instance, a search term could get 2,000 searches per month and only have 400 websites dedicated to the term. This is a low competition keyword. Other search terms will have the same amount of searches, but also have 100,000 websites dedicated to the term. This is high competition. Active Web Group specializes in finding you low competition keywords for all of your PPC campaigns.

How Can Active Web Group Help My Business?

Active Web Group will work with you and your business to determine the best course of action for all of your PPC campaigns. Our firm will decide on the best keywords for your campaigns by using our PPC Management software applications. This helps us give you real time progress reports, low competition keywords and better ROI for your business. Active Web Group will also track, monitor and analyze all traffic coming from your PPC campaign and implement changes when needed to ensure that you reach your full online potential. Our bread and butter is taking advantage of the system and leaving your competition in the dust.