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Residential and Commercial Plumbing and Heating Services

A well-established plumbing and heating firm, Plumbwell wanted to increase market share for a specific service it provides. Specifically, the client wanted to reach, attract, and convert more emergency-service prospects. The company teamed with Active Web Group to produce a new, fully-functional website and Search Engine Optimization services to attract their target audience.

The Challenge

While the client serves the entire Long Island region, Plumbwell has two locations, both in Nassau County, one central and the other on the North Shore. Prospects could be confused by this, therefore the new website not only had to underscore the client’s range of services coupled with their exceptional customer service, but also the extensive range of their service area and availability.

The Approach

Website: The new site features a trend-forward, upscale design, yet is easy to navigate. Glowing client testimonials from throughout the client’s service region not only speak to the firm’s professionalism, but also to the scope of the area services- The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond, and Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties.

Search Engine Optimization: Continuously optimizing the new website will enable Long Island-based home and business owners to visit the site and call to schedule a service appointment. In addition, adjustments made to Google Places ads should eliminate confusion by potential new business, increase leads and conversions.

Currently, at the onset of the client’s SEO campaign, AWG’s initiatives will support lead generation and calls to action that facilitate conversions. These efforts will support the client’s goals to increase emergency services leads and revenue to promote greater online business success. To learn more about web design and SEO services, contact Active Web Group at (800) 978-3417.