Case Study

Sabra Dental


sabraAs a leader in the dental products industry, Sabra Dental Products turned to Active Web Group seeking a new website and digital marketing strategy. When we first met, Sabra Dental Products found their website obsolete, that it no longer showcased their high quality dental products to their advantage. It was clear that Sabra was in need of a website redesign to continue to market their products and brand successfully. At Active Web Group, we made it our mission to provide them with a revenue-generating website.


With an out-of-date design, Sabra Dental required a new look that would help achieve their ultimate online business goal to produce more revenue. Active Web Group’s chief objective was to make Sabra’s new website cleaner and more user-friendly. The initial website’s back-end development also required a complete overhaul to function efficiently. This dysfunction created numerous website issues, which negatively impacted sales.

The website was obsolete. Its design was dated and its navigation was inefficient. However, the most important update that the site required was increased visibility to search engines. The copy did not meet best SEO practices so that to potential customers searching for dental products using the major search engines, Sabra Dental was all but invisible to them. Product management was also flawed from an E-Commerce perspective. This caused navigational problems for site users, making it more difficult to find products. With the combination of outdated copy and a faulty E-Commerce platform, there was no question that Sabra’s website needed expert assistance.

AWG’s Scope of Work Included:

Active Web Group evaluated the then current Sabra Dental website. They proposed a web design solution on a vastly improved and highly effective E-Commerce platform. Then AWG turned our attention to improving and optimizing website content. The new content not only resonated with customers but also allowed potential users to find Sabra’s website through search engines such as Google and Bing. Higher search rankings lead to increased web traffic, which accelerated Sabra Dental’s online exposure and also increased their website-generated sales.



Sabra’s website needed significant work on their back-end development. With optimal efforts, Active Web Group’s development team improved the website’s code and made the online navigation more accessible. Sabra’s new site is also responsive (or mobile-friendly) to accommodate the increasing population of mobile device users and assist to increase their search rankings.

The issues with product management were resolved when Active Web Group’s E-Commerce specialists resolved the back-end coding issues to allow for a more user-friendly experience when browsing the E-Commerce section of the website.


As a result of Active Web Group’s dedicated efforts, Sabra Dental Products finally has the website their business requires. With a responsive, user-friendly design, Sabra’s website has been transformed into an efficient, easy-to-find, revenue-generating online enterprise. With the implementation of new website copy, Sabra is attracting more customers than ever, improving many of their prominent keyword rankings by as much as 50% from December 2015 to May 2016.


Services Offered:

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