Case Study

Steinway Pianos

Active Web Group’s email marketing initiatives have focused on increasing conversions for this client, the world-renowned manufacturer/seller of the highest quality pianos. The metrics below represent a Year over Year (YoY) comparison and showcase some campaign highlights:

  • YoY the number of Goal Completions increased by +868.22%.
  • YoY the increase in Goal Completions stated above led to a +629.44% Goal Conversion Rate increase.

The Challenge

  • Since the 19th Century, the Steinway brand has been recognized worldwide for their high caliber pianos. A decade ago, the slower economy prompted the firm to seek additional marketing solutions to attract customers and to drive sales. With Active Web Group, the brand found the ideal email promotion services partner/collaborator. Working together, AWG has assisted Steinway to achieve and to further increase both online and in-store sales success.


  • Email Marketing: Metrics play a key role when determining what types of promotions are most suitable for each demographic. Also, as consumer’s buying habits shift constantly, due diligence is performed to realize what promotions convert and which do not.
  • Working from email lists of prospects and customers compiled from the Company’s websites as well as in-store, AWG began to collaborate on the brand’s email promotions.


AWG’s solution-based email marketing approach has consistently achieved the desired results across the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Metrics shown below are Year over Year (YoY) and feature some campaign highlights:

  • Sessions increased by +32.73% (43,339 vs 32,651)
  • There was a +48.32% (24,780 vs 16,707) increase in New Users
  • The Bounce Rate (percentage of site visitors who leave after viewing only one page) decreased by -14.72%
  • Goal Completions increased by +868.22%
  • The Goal Conversion Rate increased by +629.44%

Since the collaboration began in 2009, the brand has increased from four retail stores to 16 (figure does not include franchise stores). This expansion is likely due in part, to contributions by AWG’s consistent, measurable, and client success-centric email marketing services.

Email marketing remains a highly cost-effective way to further your brand and to increase conversions. We invite you to contact us to discuss a customized email marketing strategy executed and managed by Active Web Group. For more information or if you have questions, please call us at (800) 978-3417.