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Thread Check, a leading full-service thread gage company, needed to reach, attract and convert more prospects. Continuing a successful business relationship that began almost a decade ago, Thread Check, turned to Active Web Group for a viable, scalable new ecommerce solution.

The Challenge:

To facilitate their ecommerce sales funnel, Thread Check’s management knew they had to reach out to their targeted demographic and to attract them to their website, in part by offering the products these prospects were seeking. Once on the new site, however, visitors must also be offered an enhanced user experience. The site navigation, as well as the shopping cart, must enable them to swiftly make buying decisions and to complete their purchases with ease.


It was time for the client to upgrade Thread Check’s website from a custom-built classic ASP ecommerce website to a more flexible Magento 2.2 ecommerce site. To remain competitive Thread Check had to upgrade its online business to take advantage of the advanced functionality that Magento 2.2 provides. Also, this platform is easily scalable and readily accepts additional features via Plugins.


To execute these goals, Active Web Group built a site that addresses Thread Check’s needs and fulfills their current and future business requirements. Here are the key upgraded features:

  • Fully cached – this will increase the speed of the site. To visitors this means that site pages will build faster, making it faster to locate what they are seeking.
  • Addition of filterable attributes – this allows a customer to use any product attribute to narrow down the selection of products to find what they are looking for
  • One-Step Checkout – this streamlines the checkout process, making it faster and easier to make purchases.
  • Addition of Follow Up Email – this will allow the client to set triggers/reminders to constantly stay in touch with his customers. This increases brand loyalty and helps build repeat customers.

These ecommerce website enhancements, in conjunction with AWG’s full-service marketing efforts including SEO and Email Marketing, have increased site conversions and revenue to achieve Thread Check’s online business goals.

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