The industry axiom used to be if a website was over five years old, it was five years too old to be effective. Today’s update would be, if a client website is over four years old, it is too old and if it is not mobile-friendly, it is losing visitors and revenue from this ever-increasing demographic. Google’s landmark metric from a year ago changed our industry when it revealed that over 90% of mobile users accessed the Internet via their phones or tablets, not their desktop computers.

Better Positioned for Increased Marketshare

An integral part of our white label marketing services, Active Web Group’s white label responsive web designs (RWD), are advanced, user-friendly and secure. Our goal for every client is to produce an efficient, effective site that facilitates user satisfaction and initiates repeat visits.

Key to successful responsive web design is an optimal user experience. RWD eliminates the inconvenience of constant scrolling up and down, panning left and right or resizing windows. Despite the smaller screen size, the responsive site must allow easy navigation and maximum readability across all mobile devices. Responsive sites that offer an improved user experience experience higher conversion rates.

Every Active Web Group web design is responsive. As mobile users now eclipse desktop users, no online business can expect to thrive without a mobile-friendly responsive website. It is important, however, that your clients realize that even if mobile users presently account for only a small percentage of their site visitors, creating a responsive website design will encourage that number to increase along with their profits.

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AWG’s white label responsive sites tailor mobile users’ onsite experience to:

  1. Screen-fit any mobile device without truncating site content.
  2. Enable mobile users to find what they are seeking with a minimum of keystrokes.
  3. Mobile users’ experience is optimal and leads to increased conversions on your clients’ websites.

AWG White Label Responsive Website Design Benefits:

  • Unlike Mobile Websites, Responsive Web Designs allow your clients to keep their existing domain. (Site changes are back-end and will not disturb site appearance or SEO.)
  • New code that is embedded on the back-end will preserve their website’s existing link-equity. (This is another very SEO-friendly approach.)
  • Scalable Responsive Web Design. It provides a better ROI since changes are made to the site, and are not driven by individual devices. (This means all subsequent mobile device upgrades will be compatible.)

Give your client businesses true mobility! Consult with Active Web Group today and let us demonstrate how our clients have benefitted from our responsive web designs.