Hauppauge, NY, March 13, 2012 — Active Web Group, Inc. (AWG), the award winning online marketing company headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, today announced a Free Social Media Marketing Analysis. This offers firms the opportunity to discover what these online marketing tools are. Interested business owners will also learn how to best utilize these sources to assist in meeting their business objectives.

If the term ‘Social Media’ evokes images of what kids might be doing instead of their homework, then one might wonder how the same technologies may be applied to help businesses succeed. The principles are the same. Social Media Marketing describes the use of social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis and any other collaborative media used to develop marketing ideas, generate sales, develop public relations or provide customer service. Some of the most common social media marketing tools are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Wikipedia and YouTube.

“Often business leaders are amazed by the results they can achieve through Social Media,” notes Pat Norton, Vice President and Director of Business Development, Active Web Group, Inc. ‘Among other techniques, Active Web Group customizes marketing strategies to drive large numbers of relevant visitors to their sites,” Norton adds. “Social media is a good way to connect businesses and consumers. From niche markets to national firms, Active Web’s social media campaigns can assist businesses or any size or industry,” Norton concludes.

Active Web Group encourages interested business owners to take advantage of the no-cost analysis at https://www.activewebgroup.com/social-media-marketing/ The review is without obligation. Once presented with the array of Internet Marketing options Active Web has available, many opt to have Active Web Group’s Social Media Marketing develop a strategy that allows them to realize their online business objectives.

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Patrick Norton, Vice President & Director of Business Development
Active Web Group, Inc.
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