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Wholesale Marine Reputation Management Case Study

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Intro / Overview

Wholesale Marine, a global eCommerce website specializing in marine products partnered with Active Web Group to bolster their online visibility, online reputation, and revenue. 

Despite our client’s rock-solid reputation, their name was put through the ringer because of a completely separate company of the same name. This other ‘Wholesale Marine’ regularly performed unscrupulous practices from a third-world country, which inevitably led to damaging online reviews. Unfortunately for our client, these negative reviews ranked highly in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for branded keywords such as “Wholesale Marine” and “Wholesale Marine Reviews”. 

As a result, our client’s credibility was adversely affected – all from sheer confusion.

The Challenge

It’s no secret that consumers research products before buying them online, especially those of the high ticket variety. When potential customers were Googling the aforementioned terms “Wholesale Marine” and “Wholesale Marine Reviews” they would be immediately turned off with horror stories from a completely different company overseas.

Of course, this was no isolated incident. Potential businesses started seeing our client as a liability because of the first impressions they formed after searching for their name and reviews. 

At this point, we were contacted by the client to determine potential solutions. Active Web Group’s goal was to find a way to differentiate our client from this problematic business of the same name to keep their reviews separate. This largely entailed pushing the negative reviews from this other company out of the SERPs and out of sight from our client’s potential customers.


Active Web Group began by adding a disclaimer on our client’s website, making it abundantly clear that they weren’t affiliated with the other business of the same name. This helped to safeguard our client’s brand and shield them from potential lawsuits in the future.

But this didn’t solve the underlying problem – the negative reviews from this other company were appearing in the SERPs for very important brand-oriented keywords. The slew of horror stories and negative reviews continued to haunt our client.

To combat this SERP slander, Active Web Group created and implemented a special landing page centered around positive customer reviews. The goal was for this page to outrank the negative reviews accrued from the other company, pushing them out of the first page of the SERPs in the process.

We also added a client shopper’s approval seal to our client’s eCommerce site to bolster consumer confidence and included a special review widget, highlighting the many 5-star reviews our client has rightfully accrued over the years.


After executing our Online Reputation Management Strategy, our client couldn’t have been happier! 

Our review-oriented landing page successfully outranked the other company’s poor reviews, pushing them off of the first page of the SERPs for the keywords that mattered most. To this date, you won’t see any negative reviews after searching “Wholesale Marine” and “Wholesale Marine Reviews”.

Additionally, the client shopper’s approval seal and review widget did wonders to lower bounce rates and increase conversion rates among on-site shoppers. 

Between the reputation upgrade and long-term increase in conversion rates, it’s become clear that this Online Reputation Management Strategy is paying for itself.

This is just one of many success stories from Active Web Group’s cutting-edge Online Reputation Management services.

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