Case Study

Social Media – Sunglasses – B2C Sample

Partnering with a summer-loving lifestyle eCommerce brand meant knowing their messaging like the back of our hands. Our goal was to increase brand awareness and revenue by promoting limited-time offers. Given the level of competition, particularly among larger, more established brands, it was clear that we had to deliver a tailored message to a very specific buyer persona.


Given our rightfully high expectations, the only way to yield a low enough CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) would have to be with remarketing. This placed additional emphasis on fostering engagement in the early stages of the campaign, so we did this by testing low-commitment ads across two main audiences.

  • Custom Audience (Engaged Followers)
  • Lookalike Audience (Engaged Followers)

We felt that these two audiences would cover the bases, allowing us to build the remarketing list needed to drive a number of eCommerce sales.


The quality and public track record of these sunglasses spoke for itself, so we knew there wouldn’t be a huge amount of objection around the checkout phase. Our mission was to sell the lifestyle our client’s brand aligned itself with… all without use of any high-quality video content.

We decided to use clever headlines combined with branded imagery to stop people from scrolling, even for just a second. Because our remarketing ads were reminiscent enough of the engagement-oriented ads we had run before, we were confident that we would be able to yield a high enough click-through-rate to get us on the right track.


After all was said and done, we were able to generate thousands of dollars worth of eCommerce sales vs a relatively small investment. Our client was so happy with the results, they decided to invest in a virtual overhaul of their website development, something we were happy to assist with!