Reaching Your Audience

Remarketing to Boost ConversionsSuccessful PPC Advertising is heavily reliant on efficiency. Your campaign won’t be successful if your advertising overhead exceeds earned revenue.

With that said, you have to generate conversions at a profitable rate.

Of course, this isn’t always an easy task.

Let’s face it, online shoppers are skeptical and rightfully so. The fear of buyer’s remorse deters them from giving into impulses.

While advertisers would love the idea of driving immediate conversions, they know it’s not realistic.

They have to establish trust.

So they build marketing funnels.

Remarketing Funnel

It’s simple.

The top of the funnel represents Awareness, where consumers discover your brand.

The middle of the funnel represents Consideration, where consumers might be shopping around.

The bottom of the funnel represents Conversion – where consumers are looking to make their purchase.

Then the very bottom of the funnel represents remarketing.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing allows advertisers to strategically position ads in front of past website visitors, mobile app users, or specific engaged social media users. The goal is to target users who have previously shown interest in your brand.

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How Remarketing Cuts Costs

Rather than targeting a brand new audience, remarketing will only target a specific audience you’ve chosen.

This limits your audience to those who have engaged with your brand one way or another.

A more intimate, engaged audience will result in lower CPC and higher conversion rates when compared to targeting users by interests or demographics.

Remarketing Best Practices

Remember remarketing isn’t magic.

Technically, you can target people who have visited your website, app, or engaged on social media in the past 30, 60 or even 90 days, but that strategy might have a few holes in it.

For starters, you won’t understand the intent of each user. They can all be clicking onto your website for very different reasons, so blasting the same message to all of them is less of a strategy and more of a hail mary.

Instead, consider running ads for the purpose of retargeting people in the future.

As an example, let’s say you’re going to be running a massive Black Friday sale for your sneaker brand.

We would start running low-commitment ads at least two months in advance to heat up any potential leads. This would include everything from brand-oriented lifestyle posts, to useful blog posts, engaging videos and more.

Low-commitment ads should provide a value of some sort. The purpose would be to raise awareness and boost engagement among potential buyers.

After two months or so, you’ll have developed an audience who have done at least one of these things:

  • Engaged with your brand-oriented posts

  • Watched your branded videos

  • Visited your website

These people will be much more likely to make a purchase because you’ve provided some form of value and are relatively fresh in their minds.

But this will only work if you personalize your messaging.

Someone reading about “5 ways to prepare for a marathon” probably won’t respond to the same messaging to a lifestyle content and vise-versa.

So why would you send them the same ads?

Create your ads in a way that they connect to tell a branded story. That way, your ads will serve as a reminder of your brand and will reinforce each other with each stage of the funnel.

You should appeal to what made them click that ad or watch that video in the first place, only this time with a compelling offer to establish a higher sense of urgency. Also, write your copy in a way that speaks directly to who would click one of your ads.

Think about it.

If someone clicked on an ad about preparing for a marathon, you can infer they run competitively or at least for fun. Either way, they’re going to be interested in high-performance sneakers. In this case, your headline should speak to performance, something like “Win Your Next Race” with your offer.

Run ads to grab their attention, then appeal to their emotions with retargeting.

While running successful advertising campaigns has never been easy, the experienced professionals at Active Web Group have succeeded time after time. Looking for help turning your PPC Advertising campaigns around? Leave us a note or give us a call at (800)978-3417.