What’s a Custom eCommerce solution? The best path for business owners to take when off-the-shelf options are no longer working. Who needs Custom eCommerce development? Every online business that requires enhanced product/services presentations, non-traditional or extensive payment options, and security, as well as the need to manage their enterprise’s back-end. You may have heard that a fully-custom site is a pipe dream and it’s true that a custom site will require a tremendous budget. In reality, its efficiency, security, and flexibility make this option far more cost-effective long-term.

Creating a website from the ground-up is similar to building an off-the-shelf version. When your current site was built or upgraded the process progressed through several key stages. Custom eCommerce development follows the same:

  • Stage 1: Planning. You oversee your custom eCommerce development solution by partnering with AWG so we’ll fully understand your unique business and its exact requirements. From our meeting, we’ll form a plan that covers all your bases.
  • Stage 2:  Design. Next, we create a front-end UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) design to facilitate your users’ experience. 
  • Stage 3: Building/Testing. At the heart of your site is its management system. Our team will craft your site incorporating tools to not only manage your daily operations but also incorporate any integrations seamlessly. We test at every key phase as well as the final product. 
  • Stage 4: Front and Back-End Migration. In the planning phase, we carefully considered how best to import your customer histories, orders, and products as well as content, and marketing initiatives like SEO.  
  • Stage 5: Launch. Once live and fully operational, you’ll quickly appreciate your new custom eCommerce development site as it takes your enterprise next-level.

We’re all about building the features your site needs to succeed which means ensuring an optimal customer experience through:

  • Fluid website navigation
  • Advanced content features
  • Custom business logic and UI themes
  • Website architecture that’s SEO-friendly
  • Retention and Loyalty tools
  • Enhanced Shopping cart/checkout 
  • Responsive design (so site works properly regardless of users device)

Quick recap: When your site is taxing the limits of conventional software packages, custom eCommerce development is the best solution. Your new custom site will offer greater flexibility in product presentation, payment options, and back-end management, too. It can grow and integrate newer technologies as they emerge such as voice-assist shopping, headless eCommerce, and advanced AR and AI eCommerce solutions. Enhanced security will exceed industry standards providing an extra level of safety, while overall cost containment can easily be achieved. Best of all: You fully own it! You will own all rights to the code once it is built to maintain and leverage as you choose without limitation. Now your site can truly become your best business asset. 

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