Custom eCommerce Websites That Work

Custom eCommerce is Active Web Group’s most advanced and flexible platform for selling products and services online. Our custom eCommerce websites are built from the ground up for every client, to meet your current eCommerce requirements yet scalable to fulfill future growth and development needs. The platform is designed to process an unlimited number of transactions and products. It will also be robust to accommodate millions of visitors to your online business.

Active Web Group offers several eCommerce development solutions with varying degrees of customization flexibility to accommodate every client request. Here’s a quick overview:

Customizable: With systems such as Magento eCommerce and WordPress eCommerce, sites are more affordable, however, these sites are limited to the features and functions that each provides. While plug-ins and some custom programming may fulfill your needs, generally the functionality of sites built on these platforms is limited to its out-of-the-box features. AWG’s development team will be glad to review your business requirements and goals with you to determine the ideal semi-custom eCommerce website solution for your online enterprise and your budget.

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State-of-the-Art: AWG’s Custom eCommerce Website Solution

Total Customization: While initially a AWG Custom eCommerce development solution is often more expensive to implement, over time it becomes more cost effective. Also, since your system is totally individualized, you’ll have control over its features. Another advantage: custom website solutions also can uniquely integrate with non-mainstream Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. If this sounds like a very expensive proposition, take heart. We find that the development of new ideas and customized features our clients request are, in most instances, both possible and reasonable in cost.

When selecting AWG’s Custom eCommerce as your business’ solution, you are opening the door to unlimited potential. The platform it is built on allows for unique reporting, innovation, and smart technology integration. One huge advantage to Custom eCommerce development is that you, the client, own all rights to the code once it is built. It is 100% your asset to maintain and leverage as you choose without limitation.

Another bonus: Smart technology applied to the custom shopping cart means that many of the features are automated to learn and perform at optimized levels on their own. For example, products are listed featuring best sellers as the first selections. The “most popular products” sections are changed automatically based on sales. Features such as this also can be overridden as desired for marketing purposes.

Speaking of marketing, Custom eCommerce development can provide significant automated and optimized marketing integration. Besides the benefits to performing a/b testing variables on pages to determine best conversion rates, the platform is also search engine compliant.

Features and functions of AWG’s Custom eCommerce shopping carts are limited only by imagination. AWG’s programmers can proficiently create any feature your business requires from administrative content management, to order processing at the onset of the project, and later as your business evolves.

Programming Code and Website Functionality

All code is in common languages, is laid out cleanly, and will be organized for quick and easy updates and edits. Remember, our code platform is both robust and highly scalable. Moreover, the programming code will conform to current search engine best practices to enhance future optimization initiatives. Whatever requirements are necessary to achieve a fully-functional custom eCommerce website for your business, Active Web Group can readily provide the solution. Start a dialogue with us today so we can forge a long-term relationship to grow your online business. For more information, call us at (800) 978-3417.