Online Reputation Management by Active Web Group

Online Reputation Management (ORM) monitors the online reputation of an individual, group or brand to identify and address all content which is potentially or currently damaging. Online reputation management services opt to bridge any gap between how a company wishes to be perceived and how online users view it. Active Web Group provides sound and ethical online reputation management services to our clients. Together we develop a strategy and timeline for developing a strong and positive online presence then enact and monitor these initiatives throughout the campaign.

In a recent study by Harris Interactive (the company that provides the political Harris Polls):

  • Almost 90% of American adults have used search engines to find more information concerning another person.
  • Among these persons searching online for information, almost half have searched someone prior to doing business with them.
  • Of those who did, again almost half discovered some information that made them decide not to do business.

What do you or your potential customers and clients learn about you when they search online for information about you or your business. Let Active Web Group assist you to build and to maintain a worthy online reputation using proven and ethical techniques and initiatives. What is being said about you online could be costing you business. Contact Active Web Group at (800) 978-3417 to review your online reputation marketing requirements today!

Online Reputation Management Services That Work and Work Hard for You and Your Business

Do any of these examples describe your business’ experiences?

The interviews went very well. It appeared your firm was the front-runner for that lucrative contract. Then, your next big account signed an agreement with your competitor instead. What happened? Type your business’ name into the search bar on the major search engines and see what appears. Is every entry supportive? Or not? If not, what alternatives do you have?

Your firm has long enjoyed a deserved reputation for attracting and molding the best and brightest career candidates. Now a negative review from a disgruntled ex-staffer appears whenever your business name is searched. Can you make that review go away?

An executive at your firm has the misfortune to share their name with an individual who makes tabloid headlines. How can you ensure that the public is able to differentiate these individuals?

The internet is the court of public opinion as to how we as individuals and our corporate identities are perceived. A digital identity is defined as what is revealed about you or your firm in search engine results pages (SERPs). More simply put: Others form impressions of you and your business by the way you appear online. Therefore it is important to take control over the way you, your staff and your business are viewed. Once the major importance of this concept is understood, who can you rely on to build and maintain your online reputation?

Client Example #1: Online Marine and Maritime Goods Supplier

This American based firm offers competitive prices and many perks and promotions. Over several decades it has built up a deserved solid reputation for quality, value, and service. Unfortunately, it shares its name with an unscrupulous firm on another continent who frequently received less than stellar reviews which appeared on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) when the company name was searched. Prior to contacting AWG, the client attempted to combat this disturbing issue by posting live testimonials on their homepage, however, the other company’s negative reviews continued to rank. Active Web Group investigated the issue and launched a campaign that included strategies and initiatives that succeeded in pushing the negative reviews lower in the SERPs and off the first page.

Take control of and maintain your good name online. Contact Active Web Group at (800) 978-3417 to review your online reputation marketing requirements today!