Site Speed: How it Impacts Your SEO and Online Business

The speed with which your page loads has an effect on your website’s user experience and SEO. Find out how.

Why Is Site Speed and SEO Critical to My Online Business? 

The goal of every online business is to first attract the right prospects (those searching for your goods/services), convince them to pull the trigger and buy from or contact you, and ideally, return again and again. That’s why possibly the most important metric to gain and retain repeat customers is site speed. Specifically, slow site page load times are the leading cause of high bounce rates -and lost business/customers/revenue. Here’s another strong reason: Additionally, Google uses site speed, granted among other metrics, to determine its ‘leader board’ on search engine results pages (SERPs). Two key factors must be considered when resolving these issues: Site Speed and SEO coupled with successful user experience design.

Page builds and load times can slow significantly over time due to many factors. These include who hosts your site, what CMS was used, non-optimized media, extraneous code, even excessive redirects, to name but a few. It is important not only to consider what components are creating the problem, but also how to remove these site speed saboteurs. Also key: taking steps to ensure the problem will not return. For this you’ll need a seasoned team that works in sync and includes web developers, SEO specialists, and designers.  

We’ve discussed the importance of site speed and SEO, and have touched on the value in having a solid user experience design. Now the key component to continued online success: partnering with Active Web Group’s team of digital marketing pros. We’ll alleviate your site speed issues, rout any roadblocks to a superior user experience, and provide vigilant monitoring and maintenance to avoid future problems. Our team offers decades of experience, communication, and cooperation to bring about optimal outcomes for our clients. Could your website need an improved user experience design? Or a comprehensive, customized SEO campaign strategy to take your enterprise to the next level? Learn more today- call us at 800-978-3417

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