Express Freight Handlers

Currently, Express Freight provides lumper services in 38 states. Their challenge is to focus on growing their business while maintaining their high level of service excellence. They initially approached AWG for a new website to showcase their corporate identity, but soon realized the advantages by having Active Web Group’s professionals oversee, direct, and execute their digital marketing requirements.

Retail Display Manufacturer

Leading Retail Display Manufacturer/Distributor

Since the start of this Digital Marketing Campaign, Active Web Group initiatives have focused on increasing conversions for this client. The metrics below compare Jan 1 - Oct 31 2017 against Jan 1 - Oct 31 2016.

Hobie Polarized

Hobie Polarized

Hobie Polarized creates stylish performance sunglasses for those with a passion for water sports. Yet despite having a great product, Hobie’s brand wasn’t reaching its full potential. That’s when Active Web Group was brought in and through a combination of services, we not only raised awareness, but we were able to increase their revenue by over 244%.

Content Development Case Study

Active Web Group Content Development Case Study

Background: Several AWG clients, despite being prominent in their respective industries, were not attracting new business as quickly as some of their competitors. These businesses ranged from a private jet charter enterprise, a retail display products business, alternative business financing firm, and a store fixtures manufacturer. Active Web Group had been consulted by each of... Read More

EDP Dental

EDP Dental

Conversions refer to the act of converting website visitors into paying customers. Conversion rates are measured by the percentage of visitors who take a desired action, such as clicking on specific calls-to-action, completing newsletter sign-ups and submitting purchasing forms. To elicit higher sales conversions, businesses must establish trust and engage their customers’ interests. This translates into greater online businesses success.