Social eCommerceYour business might use social media marketing to maintain your online profile, to post images, videos and stories to attract your target audience. But if you are not using Social eCommerce as a marketing tool, you are not fully connecting with your target audience or reaching new customers. That means your site is missing out on new business prospects, increasing your brand’s reach, and ignoring potential revenue from unexpected sources. Period. Have we got your attention? At this point, you’ll likely be asking, “What is Social eCommerce (aka Social Media eCommerce), and how is it different from the social media initiatives I’m using now?”

Here is the ‘why?’: According to eMarketer, a leading trade source for vetted digital marketing data, Social eCommerce rose by almost 35% to $36.09 billion in 2021 alone. This means more and more consumers are making purchases directly via social channels. Instagram, Pinterest, and Meta (until recently known as Facebook), all serve as discovery engines (i.e. search engines that focus on brand recommendations, or discovery of content). Remember, social media outlets serve as consumer influencers. As such, eMarketer cites that over 80% of online shoppers now research products on Meta and Instagram when making buying decisions. More food for thought: Social eCommerce transcends age, gender, and culture. From GenZers to Boomers, consumers are ever increasingly becoming digitally savvy. In short: eCommerce sites that ignore these shopping channels risk losing market share and, possibly, their economic future.

Analyze My Social Media Campaign

Therefore, the Social Media eCommerce question you should be asking yourself is: how can my business get a piece of this? What are the downsides? What are my next steps? With this sudden dazzling proliferation of potential profit channels, it’s not a time for a ‘hit and or miss’ approach to your social media marketing strategy. As with most social media outlets, not every digital platform will be a ‘right fit’ for your business. Instead, it’s important not to jump into marketing on multiple platforms. Instead, turn to Active Web Group, the social media marketing leader, for professional, highly experienced guidance that will assist your brand to meet and even exceed its business goals.

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