Did you know that Google patents their own algorithms? These algorithms certainly aren’t a tangible property in terms of our five senses, but when it comes to Internet Marketing, they couldn’t be any more concrete. Google’s patents for search technology are public. In the case of their exclusive algorithmic content, they list formulas for determining link values, the worth of aged content, the static nature of non-changing content and the relevance of the flow of inbound links as compared to previous time frames, among other technical search data.

For example, Google’s patent on document scoring based on link-based criteria is a system that identifies a document and obtains historical data associated with the document, possibly generating a ranking score for the document based on its history. That’s right; Google analyzes everything, even that seemingly trivial PDF document you have tucked deep within your website.

A separate example of Google’s great empire of patented technology involves a copyright that enables the collection of info and location-based services which are accessed through the locations you compute from. In order to protect this information and its users from spammers and Scraper sites (spam sites that copy content from other sites), Google protects and analyzes that information. Google uses this location-based data to identify spammers and protect user privacy by putting user location information in a state of stasis and hides the starting and ending travel points from spammers by using your smartphone location data.

A well-researched individual in the world of Internet Marketing can be a step ahead if they are well-versed in Google patents. Still, most business owners only have the time to manage their own day-to-day operations in order to keep their customers happy and revenue flowing. Allow Active Web Group’s Search Engine Optimization professionals to brush up on Google’s latest patents, updates and requirements in order to net your eCommerce business the highest search rankings possible. Contact us today, and we’ll help your business set free its maximum online potential.