SEO 101 for Manufacturers

How SEO Can Grow Your Manufacturing BusinessManufacturers with an online presence need SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an ongoing series of on- and off-site strategies and initiatives aimed at making a website more visible (via keyword rankings) on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The higher a site ranks for a keyword that aptly describes their product(s) or business, the higher the number of site visitors who are actively seeking their specific goods or product(s). As a result, conversion, sales, leads, RFQs, profit, etc. will increase also. This structure frees manufacturers to concentrate on their core business, while SEO initiatives help them to remain competitive in their industry.

Manufacture Business Growth

Building a solid search engine optimization architecture is much like bringing a product to market. To begin, there must be demand or perceived demand for the end product, a relatively low-cost way to manufacture the product, and a means to warehouse and distribute the product. Whether a business manufactures heavy machinery or individual components, typically it requires more than one sale to deliver on ROI and profitability. Successful SEO campaigns evolve much the same way. Long-term, an initial setup cannot deliver expected results. Campaigns require continual investment/vigilance in time, tracking, analysis, and reporting. In other words, to remain competitive, manufacturers require a continuous SEO Marketing campaign strategy.

Invest in SEO “R and D”

Just like manufacturers’ Research and Development phase, over time an SEO campaign may be constantly tweaked and adjusted. This action is based on analytics feedback to ensure the campaign is providing maximum benefit for the online business. Campaign strategies must constantly adapt based on metrics such as user behavior, lead quality, competitor analysis, algorithm updates, and even paradigm shifts. Whereas manufacturers consider customer/vendor feedback to upgrade their product line and remain competitive, SEO strategists review and analyze site metrics to spot trends and to prevent or remediate site issues. For example, product prototypes undergo stringent testing to pass industry regulations. Much the same way, SEO ensures that a website is compliant with current industry best practices for optimal outcomes.

Search engines continuously scan websites to cull the information that influences a site’s rankings. If the engines encounter technical errors, such as broken links, or convoluted navigation, the site is perceived as not providing a great user experience. This can negatively affect rankings and other key site performance indicators. Here again, manufacturers can relate to the steps they take to bring a new product to market. During its testing phase, if a product is found to be defective in any way, it must be remediated. A successful SEO campaign will also do just that, make certain that every critical site component is functioning at peak level and overall that the site is as error-free as possible.

To conclude, manufacturers who do not realize the significant value that SEO provides, will lose market share to their competitors, or, worst case scenario, even their business. It does not have to be that way. SEO campaigns, administered and maintained by Digital Agency professionals, can offer great rewards in the form of leads, conversions and profitability. If staying in business is a manufacturer’s goal, then a solid, customized SEO campaign is the vehicle that will support this major initiative.


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