As the COVID pandemic has ravaged small businesses across the country, it has become paramount for businesses to alter their marketing strategies to survive. One of the best solutions is to target digital marketing as consumers and the workforce, in general, have been forced to shop and interface with the world using the internet. There are a number of strategies that small businesses can implement to facilitate digital marketing growth.

As with any well-executed endeavor, it helps to start with the basics. A good first step is to take advantage of Google Analytics. If you are unfamiliar, this service will give you incredible insight into the behavior of your site visitors, tell you where the site is “losing” traffic, help you avoid form fatigue as well as a plethora of other data points. Understanding your users and how they behave is important as you strive to retain visitors and hopefully convert them into customers. Actionable data interpreted by savvy marketing professionals can have a huge impact on top-line revenue over time.

Another important point to consider is the actual website structure and its content. A key to higher conversions is to make your site as easy as possible to navigate, shop, and have the proper Conversion Rate Optimization elements on the site. Again, this involves analyzing visitor behavior and leveraging this data to maximized conversions. Understanding how your site visitors are interacting with your site and what devices they are using can help to achieve your conversion goals. A responsive website that presents your URL based on the users’ hardware can make a significant difference. Using a mobile phone versus a laptop presents a different user experience. Interpreting this data can be a significant component in fostering digital marketing growth.

Understanding your users’ behavior, having impactful calls to action, and presenting your business based on visitor traffic metrics are all important points to consider when adapting your digital marketing for small businesses. The experts at Active Web Group have been providing industry-leading insights for hundreds of clients for more than 20 years. You are invited to contact us to better understand how our expertise can help you realize significant digital marketing growth in our “new” economy.