Too Many changes imageIn the world of Pay Per Click, there are many changes you can make to your account to try to better your outcome or tweak what is in there. Making too many of them at once leaves you with an uncertainty of what worked and what didn’t. You should always allow some time for history to be created so that you can look back at your results and make appropriate decisions.

Having clear data with some history to analyze is key…

For instance, one change you want to offer can be FREE SHIPPING for 3 months and you want to include this in your ad. Then, you also want to lower the cost of your product to be a little more competitive. Making both of these changes at the same time, will not allow you to assess the situation very accurately. It will leave you thinking ‘Which one worked’ ‘Did both work’ The only answer that would be clear in this situation is if both did not work and your results show no improvement. You should always make changes like these one at a time and give at least 3 months time to review the historical data in your pay per click account before making decisions on your results. If it worked, great. Move forward with this change in place and continue to grow your account. If it did not work, then you can remove your change, and try something else.

Of course, you want to make sure in that 3 months time that you are checking your statistics daily in case you need to jump on any that are taking off with your budget. Remember though, don’t be too quick to remove a keyword or change too soon. Pay Per Click is an avenue that needs patience at times and you do not want to make any premature decisions. That’s why I always give a 3 month buffer to see how things pan out. It is enough history to make decisions on.

Know what you are getting yourself into…

You want to always make sure you are knowledgeable on Pay Per Click when opting in to the available features within the search engines. You should know up front when setting up your account what each of these features and options are as some of them might not be good for your type of business and can be devouring to your budget if you are not careful. Some of these features can be ‘changes’ you try once you have established your account and it is running smooth. Your account needs to get seasoned so to speak before opting in to each one. For instance, don’t jump right into broad match and ad scheduling right away. Those options should be tried and tracked individually so that you can assess the impact of what each does for your account.

The search engines are very happy to have you opt in to all the wonderful features available and soak up your allowable budget and get you traffic. I do mean that, they are all wonderful features, but they are not for everyone. Make sure to know what little check boxes you are checking and allowing to default to ON status. Establish your account, then ease in to the different opportunities and options you have online. Always put tracking in place so you will know anything and everything about your advertisements so that you stay on top of it and get the most of your Pay Per Click Budget. Stay focused on your changes one at a time and watch over your statistics closely. Your account will benefit and so will your pocket.

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