For over a decade, Social Media outlets have proven their worth in furthering your brand.  It quickly became a powerful marketing platform for businesses. AWG deftly utilizes the best Social Media tactics to enable our clients to connect with customers, build relationships, and promote their brand. However, they can also assist your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns to drive your website to the top of relevant search results pages? Right now, Twitter is having a moment. It will be far more than a moment in time if you allow our professional digital marketing firm to take the reins of your Social Media initiatives and harness Twitter SEO to improve your site’s visibility on Google.

So, how can Twitter be used to gain traction in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? Integrating pictures and links to products or services, store locations, contact information, and special offers are a few examples of how AWG uses Twitter to assist brands in communicating their vital information quickly. The key to long-term Twitter achievements, however, will be dependent on how AWG continually finds effective ways to engage with consumers while simultaneously incorporating SEO initiatives.

Twitter SEO is primarily focused on 5 keystones. We’ll detail these below:

  1. Increasing Brand Awareness: Ideally, you’ll want to Google your brand name and the SERPs will return a series of recent, relevant Tweets about your company/products/services. A successful Google Twitter search is achievable through skillful manipulation of the Twitter carousel. The goal is to control what online searchers see in their ‘customized’ search results. This option is unique to Twitter and allows the opportunity to send a positive message to potential customers/clients while at the same time building brand awareness and increased thought leadership. Best of all, it enables audience connection easily and authentically. What does it take to achieve this? Attuned content selection via Tweets that audiences will find interesting yet dovetail with your brand messaging and business goals.
  2. Play to Win Twitter SEO Carousel Results: Relevant and relatable contest is harvested by SERPs. Being alert to trends is part of AWG’s playbook. Tweet trendy topics that reflect your brand’s image, inform readers about industry movers and shakers in your organization, and advertise upcoming corporate events and product rollouts. Use copy that grabs attention and retains reader interest. Don’t forget the images! Still worth a thousand words! The goal here is to highlight what you believe your target audience wants to know more about, and convey that information in a fresh and exciting way. Interact with other relevant accounts by tagging them in tweets. This will not only increase your search presence, but might garner a few Tweets in return. The use of current, industry-relevant popular hashtags will also increase ranking opportunities. Be aware that this is not a shotgun approach. Brand-oriented tweets must serve a valid purpose about your brand and make consumers aware and why your brand matters. The use of targeted keywords, coupled with a clear call to action, will ensure their engagement. Lastly, sharing is caring. Encourage staffers, not just management, to promote content as well to increase your brand’s search visibility.
  3. Remain Active to Retain/Building Your Following: Twitter tweets are not a ‘one and done’ or occasional activity. To remain relevant, in your public’s eye, and to be considered by Google as ‘authentic’, Twitter initiatives must be continuous for your Google Twitter searches to be successful.
  4. Promote Your Content: The goal is to reach and retain audiences, all while gaining market share via the SERPs. Achieving these results calls for an overall Twitter marketing strategy to distribute and promote content continuously for protracted periods. Consider posting evergreen content that is brand-specific over several months, upward of a year. This ensures increased visibility across social media platforms, will generate shares and promote link-building. Think of it as a relevant numbers game. The more content available to users, the more likely they will be motivated to link to it. Links improve Google rankings. That’s the Twitter SEO goal here – for your brand to rise in the SERPs. Don’t forget to optimize your Twitter bio! That’s a given, but essential to brand promotion.

Remember, it takes knowledge and continuous due diligence to increase brand awareness on Twitter to achieve Google Twitter search success, as well as on other social media platforms. At Active Web Group, we’ve cultivated a team of digital media professionals with the experience, passion, and attention to detail that ultimate online success requires. Sound good? We’d like to hear from you to discuss a meaningful business partnership to achieve your online business goals.

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