Content MarketingEvery savvy online business owner knows that as part of their digital marketing strategy, select web content will allow them to reach their demographic and attract new audiences. The question is, which type or types of content will be the most effective? A recent industry survey indicates that 66% of digital agencies are increasing their clients’ content output with a focus on new and diverse strategies. What is the right content type? The content type will impact conversions, sales, and every company’s bottom line. Active Web Group, a leading  content marketing agency in New York offers these tips to help bring B2B and B2C online business plans into sharper and more successful focus:

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Goal 1: Place Your Content Marketing Where it Will Be Seen

Great content that nobody sees or reads is worthless. For both B2B and B2C, the best bang for your buck is content placed on owned channels such as social media and corporate websites. That means the best vehicles are blogs and social posts. Blogs are especially cost-effective and are used on over 90% of websites today.  

Audience engagement via social posts is a priority for almost 90% of B2C companies, followed by emailed newsletters at about 80%.

Paid search is effective for both the B2B and B2C firms, yet it trails other content forms at just under 50%.

Goal 2: You Get What You Pay For

In NY, content marketing gurus are toting increased use of video to their clients. Google has recently stated that videos are the preferred form of content for site visitors. They are easily digested, more so than textual content. This fact alone makes video an important consideration for both B2B and B2C firms because the initial cost to create the video(s) will soon pay for itself in increased viewership/revenues. Instructional videos are very popular, as are videos that introduce a new product or service. This content medium also offers an opportunity for personalization such as through the creation of a brand mascot, or animated spokesperson. The point is not to be deterred from using video content due to its initial expense.

Effective B2B and B2C content campaigns are never “one size fits all”. Content types must be carefully chosen, then the correct metrics closely tracked to achieve the greatest ROI. Whatever strategy AWG adopts for our clients in NY, content marketing initiatives, we are fully accountable. This means tracked analytics will indicate if content metrics are sufficient. If they are not working, adjustments can be made until the right balance is achieved. This is no time to rest, so once determined, effective campaign initiatives will be monitored closely so that gains are consistent and will further increase over time. If that sounds like a partnership in the making, it is. When you are researching the optimal content marketing agency in New York, consult with AWG. At Active Web Group, our greatest success is yours.

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