In a time where social distancing and video conferences have become the ‘new normal’, people will be looking for online resources more than ever. Whether they need information to settle a dispute or make a big purchase, online visibility will be more important than ever. To prepare for this influx of online usage, brands will be looking to leverage these trends to make the most of the traffic they generate.

Below are the 4 web design trends that you should watch for in 2021. 

The Use of Bold Colors and Unusual Color Combinations

The more competition you have, the more you have to do to stand out. This is why brands will look to leverage less conventional color combinations. For example, the use of dark combinations with both bright and bold accent colors will help to bolster the impact of their message. Bright, saturated colors will create additional impact in helping brands to stand out when it counts most.

In addition to their website design, some brands might take this a step further with their paid advertising and social media designs to grab even more attention.

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Mixing Graphics and Photography

In an act to create something of an ‘artsy’ mix, look out for brands mixing in selections of graphics and photography to tell their online stories. The tactic is mainly designed to add depth to their messaging as well as reinforce their primary brand message.

Depending on their ability to execute, this can also do wonders for lowering bounce rate and improving overall visitor engagement rate.

Micro Animations

The days of static-looking web pages will soon be behind us. Look out for brands to start using more micro animations to maintain user attention and increase overall interactivity on select web pages.

Text-Only Hero Images

At first thought, this may appear unconventional, but that just may be the point. Leveraging text-only hero images is an excellent way for designers to get their most important message across in an extremely effective way.

The idea is to grab the user’s attention by replacing a once distracting image with bold typography that really jumps out. This will have a large impact on users early on and should help improve onsite engagement by quite a bit.

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